Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith And The Fight For Sanctuary


It seems those completely fantastic rumors about a Borderlands 2 DLC bridging the distance among element 2 and the imminent element 3 are entirely true. Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary is the primary DLC for Borderlands 2 considering Sir Hammerlock vs. The Son of Crawmerax returned in 2014 – and, for the following 30 days, it’s free. The promotional nature of it initially had me a little worried Fight for Sanctuary could feel rushed and/or half-assed, however I’m here to inform you it’s no longer. It’s terrific and I can’t forestall gambling it.

The 10-hour story alternatives up right now after the events on the end of Borderlands 2. Gearbox courteously warns new players of the capability spoilers, but virtually, this DLC isn’t for brand spanking new players besides. If you’re like me and you have switched platforms since playing the authentic Borderlands 2 (in my case from Xbox 360 to PC), Gearbox has your returned: You can roll a brand new level-30 person the usage of any of the Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters and dive proper into the Fight for Sanctuary.

Fight for Sanctuary’s important tale is, shockingly, all about preventing for Sanctuary. (I understand, it surely took me by marvel.) New baddie Colonel Hector of the New Pandora Army is the main antagonist right here, and his intention is to create a paradise for the men of his unit. His is a woeful story of betrayal on the hands of the Dahl Corporation, but that doesn’t suggest Hector isn’t a complete dick, because he’s: his plan entails infecting Pandora with a virulent disease that turns the enemies you are so used to combating (psychos, brutes, skags, and many others.) into half-plant, half-zombie killing machines; think the Flood from Halo and you have a terrific concept of what you’re up in opposition to.They fight similarly to their non-inflamed counter elements: speeding and melee attacking or blasting you from a distance. They do have more in the way of slag and corrosive attacks, but happily they are even greater prone to hearth than normal flesh bags.

You also combat against Hector’s troops, that are a good deal more difficult and unrelenting variations of the closely armed and shielded Hyperion infantrymen you’ve got fought before – and that they have medics. You recognize how one of the loading monitors in Borderlands 2 says you will “learn how to hate” the restore bots? The medics are even more aggravating. If there may be a unmarried medic within the organization you have to take him out first or he will heal all the damage you’re doing to his fellow soldiers; if there are two medics in a set, they can heal each different. While they’re obnoxious, it’s a incredible way to pressure home the cooperative focus of the Borderlands franchise: two or greater players can divide and overcome, knocking out the medics extra or less simultaneously.

Speaking of irritating but truthful, with my newly minted degree-30 Krieg the difficulty in Fight for Sanctuary feels simply in which it need to be. When gambling solo it was only a little harder than I expected, which is a great factor. It’s no longer frustrating, however it is really no longer a cakewalk. Boss battles are tough, however once more, a long way from impossible.

Oh right: bosses! There are lots of latest bosses right here, some for the main story and a few for the plentiful facet missions. There’s even a new raid boss who 100% requires help out of your buddies, considering he scaled four tiers above my individual the primary few instances I made a solo attempt to take him down. (I did not even make a scratch.) It seems like he tops out at forty, but even attempting at stage 38, I didn’t last lengthy.


Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows?

The Fight for Sanctuary additionally brings the loot. Remember whilst a modder determined a rainbow rarity in the most latest Borderlands 2 replace? Well, you no longer want a mod to open them up because rainbow rarity is here, and it is extraordinary.I squealed in satisfaction when my brain realized the loot I changed into looking at became new and brilliant. Instead of just being defined as rainbow colored in the description text, these rainbow objects are definitely blanketed in a glistening rainbow sheen – and the class isn’t simply constrained to weapons. There are rainbow grenades, too, and I even discovered a rainbow skin for my Catch-a-Ride Runner. Every rainbow object shimmers and flickers like a glitter-bombed oil slick. It’s adorable. I love them.

My rainbow grenade is perhaps my favorite, and it’s the maximum useful item in my inventory. It bursts outward with a pinwheel of consistent and cleansing fire, tossing flaming explosives round its perimeter in a ring of natural annihilation. It’s breathtaking, honestly, and since most of the people of the new enemies are inflamed with the plant virus, hearth is more effective than ever earlier than in preventing them. I love you, rainbow grenade.

After completing the Fight for Sanctuary I went back and played some of the older DLC to see what carried over. I didn’t come across any rainbow objects, however the results are inconclusive – perhaps there’re out there someplace. But for right now, it looks like the handiest vicinity to find (and farm) them is in the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. The good information is you can convey your vibrant, glistening rainbow tools with you whilst you play the authentic recreation and any of the older DLC. It ought to assist make your buddies jealous.As far because the tale is going, the primary project does a pretty precise job putting the degree for Borderlands 3, however the actual meat comes from diving into the facet missions. It’s amazingly thorough at of touching at the destiny of nearly each critical individual in Borderlands 2, and I even discovered an ECHO with records describing one of the new Vault Hunters. That leads me to accept as true with there are at the least 3 greater individual-unique ECHOs obtainable somewhere to uncover. I additionally located quite a few ECHOs from Colonel Hector, filling out his story, in addition to a few others. Oh, and there’s even a character from Tales From the Borderlands playing a massive position within the aspect missions.

The Verdict

I’m in love with the concept of the Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. It’s a unique manner to set the level for Borderlands 3 after seven years of ready, and it does so in a absolutely a laugh and thrilling way. It works on such a lot of extraordinary ranges: it gives lengthy-time fans something new, receives lapsed fanatics excited and receives all of us hyped on Borderlands. The new rainbow rarity, sidequests, and secrets and techniques to release give it a few legs beyond the primary tale, but greater importantly, all the signature humor, looting, and other Borderlands 2 goodness is intact. Being capable of roll in with an accurately leveled man or woman is brilliant for people who’ve on account that modified systems due to the fact that they first played. But exceptional of all, it’s more Borderlands 2.

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