Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood 2019 Preview


During our time at E3, we had the danger to sit down with publisher Bigben Interactive behind closed doors and spot their new game, Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood, evolved with the aid of Cyanide.

Taking location within the Whitewolf’s World of Darkness universe, Werewolf gives players a greater visceral and combat orientate sport in comparison to the alternative World of Darkness game, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2.

Werewolf could be very an awful lot an movement game with some stealth elements introduced in as properly. The player will take at the function of Cahal, an eco-terrorist Werewolf from the Fianna tribe.

Early on in the sport, Cahal witnesses a demanding occasion and is banished from his tribe. Later on, however, he returns to his clan as a Ronin, a werewolf without a extended family in order to grasp his rage and the Wyrm infection/curse he presently suffers under.

As a werewolf, Cahal is intune with the natural world and a large part of his assignment is to combat in opposition to the Pentex Corporation defiling the natural world and ravaging his homeland.

I will admit to understanding little or no approximately the setting of Werewolf the Apocalypse, but I became assured by means of Bigben that even a player who is aware of fantastically little to not anything approximately the lore and putting of Werewolf the Apocalypse might be able to play via and understand the game, because of in-recreation tale and lore causes.


We have been shown off numerous special combat actions that Cahal could be capable of perform at some stage in the sport. He is able to speedy transform in to a complete lupine form and fast tour through the big tiers as he completes his objectives in every area.

In wolf form, he is also capable of see Wyrm corruption in an effort to act as a form of poison if he enters in to it. Not only that, however as a wolf, he is capable of input and traverse areas he could not commonly be capable of reach.

In human form, he can traverse across the area as regular, however also carry out a chunk of stealth, taking down enemies before they could enter combat.

Finally, Cahal does in fact a werewolf form which he can input in to at some stage in fight. This is wherein maximum of the movement in Werewolf takes places. Quickly transforming in to werewolf form, Cahal can rip and tear in to human and vampiric foes alike. There are huge mechanics at play throughout combat in Werewolf, namely: Rage and Corruption.

Rage will boom your fight prowess and will also heal Cahal while he focuses it in the course of fight. However, whilst he reaches a positive threshold of Rage, the corruption of the Wyrm manifests as writing tentacles that sprout from his body.

At this factor, if his rage increases an awful lot more, it’s far sport over for the participant. When Rage reaches the max stage, no matter something else, the sport ends and Cahal fails.

Only a scant few information about the game world have been shared with us at some point of the demo, because it was broadly speaking focused on gameplay and fight. What we will say is that numerous different rival werewolf clans will make an look in Werewolf the Apocalypse, which include Glass Walkers and Black Furies.

Since Cahal is a werewolf and deeply intune with the natural international, spirits of the arena will help him in his quest at the same time as he’s within the penumbra. These quests will before everything revolve around and be given by using a first rate tree spirit that Cahal can commune with.

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