Star Control Lawsuit Settled Amicably, Both Parties Will Collaborate on Current and Future Games


Star Control Lawsuit Settled Amicably, Both Parties Will Collaborate on Current and Future Games

Over a year since the lawsuit started out, Stardock and authentic Star Control creators Paul Reiche and Fred Ford have come to an amicable settlement.

Both parties have reached a settlement, which in reality initially happened via a phone name from Reiche to Stardock boss Brad Wardell. Reportedly, the verbal exchange included talk of bees, and related subjects with the dispute.

Reiche and Ford defined that once the whole lot became looked at, “the difference between the maximum possibly prevailing and losing eventualities become probably going to be pretty small.” Furthermore, it simply wasn’t worth pursuing underneath the ones prospects.

“We’d attempted courtroom-managed settlement and not using a development and private mediation become also proving to be as elusive because the Questing Beast. So we decided to throw a piece of a Hail Mary pass and simply call Brad Wardell without delay—something he’d definitely cautioned more than a year earlier—but first, we needed to locate a few form of not unusual floor which became out to be… bees.”

Both events fast got into the middle difficulty.

“Our attitude turned into this: we don’t like combating, however we love creating, so can we step waaay outdoor the field and settle our dispute via tremendous, innovative movements rather than continuing to conquer each different up?” they stated. “Brad listened and agreed, and this became the premise for agreement. Our attorneys are all smart, specialists with their customer’s best hobby in thoughts, but it’s worth thinking about that it was most effective whilst we communicated immediately with every other that we made progress.”

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell also mentioned almost the equal element. He noted, “We figured out what we wanted in only a couple hours of speaking. The relaxation of the time changed into the lawyers smithing out actual, agonizingly precise, verbiage. That took a great deal longer. Usually this stuff declare to be amicable however it’s just both facets looking to spin things. In this case, it truly became amicable.”


Wardell added a very tongue-in-cheek bit, as anticipated: “We brought a section wherein I’ll be working with Paul on beekeeping. He’s going to ship me some meade, I’m going to send him some honey. I don’t think the legal professionals were in particular obsessed with us incorporating some of this into the settlement. I did an instructional video on beekeeping I became going to send over but were given stung inside the video, so thought better than to truely ship it.”

The real agreement is meant to be confidential, however both events desired it to be seen by means of the general public. Here’s the rundown:

Stardock could have the proper to make new Star Control games inside the destiny, whilst Reiche and Ford will make new Ur-Quan Masters games
Stardock has dropped all alien call and man or woman trademarks, and both aspects have dropped their competition to the other’s emblems
Each facet agrees now not to venture the alternative’s logos within the future
Ghosts of the Precursors can be renamed to something “a bit much less time-honored”
No cash changed arms

Stardock also stated, “In addition, the trademark and copyright questions had been placed to relaxation with the agreement spelling out the copyrighted IP that Reiche and Ford care about in conjunction with the emblems that Stardock cares about, with each celebration agreeing to appreciate these limitations of their use in the destiny.”

One of the best parts is that both parties have agreed to cooperative on growing Star Control tasks, current and moving ahead. Reiche goes to create new alien races for Star Control: Origins, and Stardock is going to assist Reiche and Ford with new generation. Reiche is going to start working with Stardock on a today’s Star Control recreation later this fall. Also, all original Star Control video games could be made available on the market on all systems, with royalties split between each events, equally.

Stardock additionally positioned a massive note that Reiche and Ford are wholeheartedly the creators of Star Control, while Reiche mentioned he’s a massive fan of Star Control: Origins. “We are in reality very, very glad with the way the whole lot has settled, Reiche and Ford added.

Stardock teased that extra data is coming inside the destiny, however Reiche, Ford, and Wardell all met up at this yr’s E3 to have beers and hang out,

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