Batman: Hush Movie Review – Comic Con 2019


A new enemy manipulates Batman and his rogues in this animated adaptation of a modern classic.

Batman: Hush is broadly regarded as one of the greatest comedian book storylines inside the Dark Knight’s 80-yr history. It even made our Top 25 countdown. It’s sudden it’s taken DC this lengthy to provide Hush the lively movie remedy, especially considering how many of those direct-to-video initiatives have centered at the Batman own family. But DC has sooner or later corrected that omission with its thirty fifth access within the DC Universe Movies. Better but, this edition virtually improves upon some of the flaws of the supply cloth, even supposing it makes its very own errors in the method.

Hush is also the thirteenth entry inside the DC Universe Movie series, which technically makes it a sequel to movies like Son of Batman and Batman vs. Robin. But whereas those tasks most effective loosely borrowed from the paintings of writers like Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder, Hush is a in large part straightforward edition of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s original story. As within the comedian, the movie pits Batman (Jason O’Mara) in opposition to a lot of his most famous foes, with both the Dark Knight and his villains being manipulated by a mysterious, bandaged villain named Hush (Maury Sterling). Further complicating topics is the renewed romance between Batman and Catwoman (Jennifer Morrison). Can Bruce certainly open himself up to this former enemy grew to become lover? And if he does, will she simply grow to be some other liability in his struggle towards Hush?

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Hush could be very a good deal a popcorn blockbuster-fashion Batman story. While there is the significant thriller of Hush’s actual identification and relationship to Bruce Wayne, the emphasis is typically more on superhero action and the appeal of seeing so many fan-preferred heroes and villains crammed into one tale. That’s to say not anything of the epic showdown between Batman and Superman, without difficulty their maximum memorable duel because The Dark Knight Returns. Fans can relaxation clean understanding that and plenty of other iconic moments from the comic have survived intact.

The Batman/Catwoman romance is effortlessly the other fundamental selling factor of this story, in both comic or animated shape. For all the attention that dating has gotten within the cutting-edge Batman Rebirth collection, Hush certainly set the tone for the Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle dynamic a decade in advance. If Hush does some thing nicely, it’s in conveying the stricken history among the 2 characters and the doomed, determined longing they percentage for one another.


That ardour doesn’t always encounter as properly as it should in O’Mara and Morrison’s transport, sadly. For anything cause, the pitch-best voice casting of DC’s diverse animated TV projects rarely interprets to those films. Apart from the abnormal assisting individual like Amanda Waller (Vanessa Williams) and Alfred (James Garrett), the voice paintings in Hush stages from serviceable to downright bland.

Visually, Hush employs the identical residence style that must be acquainted to fans of DC Universe Movies via now. It’s a fashion that receives the process completed in phrases of tone and movement, but rarely stands out within the process. Given how primary Lee’s artwork is to the achievement of the comedian, that can be this adaptation’s largest shortcoming. The film also skips over the comic’s lush, painted flashback scenes absolutely, preventing Hush from a treasured opportunity to break from the visual norm.

Still, it’s far really worth noting that the movie can pay cautious visible homage to many key scenes from the comedian, from Batman and Catwoman’s rooftop kiss to a pivotal Batman/Joker/Commissioner Gordon second. It’s also first-class to peer Batman shift away from the New 52-stimulated costume of previous DC Universe Movies to a more conventional fit based totally on Lee’s art.

On the plus facet, Hush does a much better process of wrangling a sprawling 12-trouble comedian into a lean, eighty-minute movie than predicted. While it does lose a few story cloth within the technique, Hush manages to juggle the comedian’s huge cast with unexpected grace considering how poorly some of those animated edition have fared inside the past. Certain tweaks are made alongside the manner – specially a handful of cut plot threads and a few concessions to DC Universe Movies continuity. But apart from a nagging feel that a sure lengthy-misplaced discern from Bruce’s past is even less properly-advanced within the film than he’s inside the comedian, those modifications do little to effect the flow of the story. In fact, the film honestly manages to use the truth that it takes region directly after the latest The Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen duology to its gain.

Moreover, the final act virtually proves more pleasing than the comedian’s closely fallacious end. Only close to the give up does the movie deviate drastically from the tale enthusiasts realize. The comic’s Hush storyline is basically a convoluted puzzle field with out a definitive solution. The movie manages to cut a brilliant deal of extraneous plot and arrive at a greater centered, logical answer to Batman’s modern-day case. It also takes a drastically unique, and in the end extra pleasurable, method to wrapping up Batman and Catwoman’s shared individual arc. In that way, Hush serves as a robust instance for destiny DC Universe Movies to follow. It’s surprisingly trustworthy to the source cloth where it subjects, however it’s no longer afraid to prune and streamline along the manner.


Batman: Hush falls sufferer to the same flaws as most of the DC Universe Movies line on the subject of the established animation and voice work. But in terms of its tale, that is one of the extra attractive animated DC movies to come back along in a while. It’s fantastically faithful to the source material even because it crams a winding narrative and a massive ensemble solid into a tight, eighty-minute movie. The very last act even manages to improve on that supply cloth, trimming among the comedian’s unnecessary plot twists and arriving at a more fulfilling and conclusive finishing.


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