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With No mods, Kerbal Space Program is already an amazing Achievement –a deep, rewarding sim that captures the majesty and challenge of visiting space. In 2015 we gave it that our greatest recommendation, and ever since then it has appeared in our staff’s and our readers’ top 100 lists. Kerbal Space Program sticks around because it’s everything which makes PC gaming excellent: freedom, creativity, flexibility, and mods. Naturally, mods make it better. The top mods for Kerbal Space Program add new boats, new components, and small touches to keep Kerbal fresh and fun after a hundred hours of rocket science.

Whether you’re looking for a flyable Enterprise or Serenity, a diversion of NASA’s Apollo rockets or the International Space Station, The KSP community has been doing it for ages now. Out of all the nice work available, these are our favorite mods for Kerbal Space Program.

Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network (CKAN)

The first mod on the listing is not actually a mod, it is a program. CKAN is An open-source, community-supported mod supervisor. Although KSP’s mod community has moved around a lot: for a little while it was officially based from, most of the biggest mods still reside on the game’s official forums, and still others reside on SpaceDock. With numerous mod sources on the market, CKAN aggregates modders’ submitted files and cross-references them, making sure every mod is up to date, installing/uninstalling immediately, and warning you if mods are incompatible with one another. If a modder has recommended other mods to cooperate with theirs, CKAN asks if you’d like to put in them in precisely the exact same moment. It is a stunning piece of work, and it’s more essential the more mods you include.

To add a mod using CKAN, simply start typing the name. There might be a few mods only hosted on Curse or SpaceDock, but virtually all them are included in CKAN.

Immersion mods

Some of my favorite mods are the most useless. Have a look at these mods if you’d like a more beautiful, immersive match.


In space, no one can hear you scream unless you hold down the push-to-talk button. Chatterer took real-life sound from the Apollo 11 missions, scrambled it up a bit, and chopped it into sound files that play in the background of the missions. Coupled with some well-placed Quindar tones, this mod gives the impression of a bustling, chaotic mission control centre buzzing with messages and cross-talk. Floating weightless from the dark of space seems more real with assignment control speaking on your ear.

Hullcam VDS

The Apollo missions happened before we found the joy of Strapping a GoPro to everything, but Kerbals are a lot more advanced. The Hullcam VDS mod adds many different attachable cameras so that you may watch your assignments from the side of a rocket or from inside a motor casing. Launching with a down-facing hull camera brings flights a certain SpaceX type of feel. The mod also adds a Hubble-style distance telescope you may use to creep on distant planets.

Collision FX

Making crashes and screw-ups seem nicer might be the very”Kerbal” Thing imaginable. Collision FX adds smoke, sparks, screeching tires, ploughing dirt, and plumes of snow–depending on the earth you are crashing into. They’ve been working on it for years, and that’s why the latest version throws up soil which matches the regolith you are slamming into. That is quality!

Collision FX additionally adds an adorable small”oof” sound for when Kerbals fly into something strong during EVAs.


For all the many occasions that my Kerbals have died in a large ball of smoke and fire, I have always thought to myselfthat smoke might be smokier. RealPlume completely reworks the exhaust and also plume effects for KSP’s rocket motors (and quite a lot of the mod pack engines, too!) . You devote a good deal of time in KSP watching engines burn, after all, so why not make it look good?


OK, this one is really useless. Even with this list. Still, I love PlanetShine since it illustrates the obsessive attention to detail fantastic modding communities flourish on. Here is what it will: when a boat is at low orbit around a planet, the backside of the boat will be softly illuminated by the planet’s reflected atmospheric lighting. The mod performs well with Environmental Visual Enhancements, which adds nighttime city lights and blur effects.

Kronal Vessel Viewer

I really like blueprints. I’m not an engineer or an architect, but I’ve a Fascination with blueprints and technical drawings. Kronal Vessel Viewer provides a view window in the VAB for you to tinker with two-dimensional sketches of your enormous Kerbal ships. Using the burst view, it is possible to acquire a schematic-style look in the most historically important assignments. Just picture: the view of your boat, the Get To The Mun Please Damn It All, will be in each youthful Kerbal’s history books in college.

New challenge mods

Kerbal Space Program is a hard, hard game since physics is impossible and the world would like to squish your delicate, pitiful spirit. When it is not tough enough, though–if you need new ways to fail spectacularly–then those mods bring fresh punishments for the most advanced Kerbonauts.


Previous satellite mods focused on scanning and locating resources For pre-1.0 KSP. Now that tools and refineries are part of the vanilla match, SCANsat is the best just because it focuses on what satellites do best: exploration. With high-definition scans from a SCANsat satellite, players can target horizontal areas for safe landings, identify points of interest, and get a full understanding of a world’s biomes worthy of study. The smallest bodies in the Kerbol system are enormous, so this mod is a great way of approaching that challenge.

Orbit Portal Technology Space Plane Parts

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a single-stage-to-orbit space Plane that flies lifts and smooth hefty. When you get your arms round the peculiar physics of KSP’s distance planes, you will have a cheap, reusable shuttle system to bring supplies, Kerbals, and even space station modules to orbit. OPT’s excellent space airplane parts pack dramatically expands the tools you have to get to orbit.

Dang It!

This innovative and somewhat bowdlerized mod rests stuff. Solar panels Short outside, engines misfire, fuel tanks start leaking, batteries neglect. You may fix how frequent and how devastating the failures, but the final result is that with Dang It! , even perfectly equipped assignments sometimes have hiccups. Fortunately, your professionally trained Kerbals can carry out an EVA and repair the issue, provided that you brought along a couple of spare parts.

For some gamers, this sounds like a hellish nightmare. I admit, though, that I find surviving a Kerbal version of Apollo 13 to be more than a little compelling. The alarm klaxon that sounds every time a malfunction occurs will haunt my dreams .

Kerbal Construction Time

One of those quirks of all KSP is that it keeps track of time. Every second Of spaceflight is added to the overall game clock, which tells the game in which every planet and ship is in space. Time is paused as you tinker with layout of a new boat, and just begins when you click”launch,” meaning each boat is built instantly. Kerbal Construction Time varies . The more complicated the ship, the longer it takes to build. Why bother? Realism is a part of it. It also forces you to plan ahead, designing and sending new ships into the building pipeline weeks or months before you’re ready to start. If you are constructing a space station in orbit, by way of instance, you either need the cash to construct numerous ships at once or you need to plan for your initial module to orbit for a couple of months before the second module may join it.


DMagic Orbital Science: Probe and Rover Pack

Depending on what contracts you require, you might be sending regular Flights up and down around the very same parts of distance for a little while. After you have gotten fever (cold) and atmosphere (not one ) data back to KSP central, there’s not a great deal more science to be carried out. This mod includes a ton of new experiments for your vehicles, including a soil moisture sensor and an x-ray diffraction analyzer. Get back to work!


Sad, but true: NASA isn’t really in the inspiration business anymore. Nowadays, all of the exciting space stuff is happening at SpaceY, the privately held Kerbal distance agency that bears no similarity to privately operated space agencies here on Earth. All your favorite SpaceY heavy lifter components are ready to download and visit distance.

Umbra Space Industries

Unlike many one-off mods, the rocket scientists supporting Umbra Space Industries have created a cottage industry of mod packs. They’ve got cranes and magnets in Konstruction! , submarines for calculating alien oceanography from the USI Exploration Bundle, and high-speed motors in Alcubierre Warp Drive.

Virtually All of USI’s projects packs are Modular, which means it’s possible to take a couple of science gizmos here along with a few motor couplings there as you’d like.

Near Future Technologies

It’s easy to get carried away by the siren-song of sci-fi splendor: God damnit, I need warp drive and phasers and I need them now. The Near Future series of parts packs requires a more patient approach by bringing near-future sci-fi to KSP. There is no teleportation, but there are highly sophisticated nuclear reactors and advanced search motors. All these mods will not get you to Star Wars, however they’ll get you to The Martian.

Automation mods

KSP Asks you to be a whole lot of things at once: administrator, engineer, pilot, scientist, micromanager. All these mods automate some of these tasks, freeing you up to focus on anything else.

Kerbal Attachment System

I once built an entire Mun base Utilizing modular pieces designed to match a Mini-rover with a docking port. The mini-rover could drive beneath the modules, lift them off their struts, and push them to their final destination. It was a horrific pain in the buttocks.

Rather, use Kerbal Attachment System’s system of cables, winches, pulleys, and gas lines to connect components of your base without actually rearranging them. Drag a cable out of a solar panel array over to a own habitat to make electricity, or pull a fuel line from your storage tanks to your rover to refuel.

Contracts Window +

The user interface in vanilla KSP is pretty great, however Contracts+ Provides a ton of new functionality. It is possible to sort your approved contracts by name, due date, financial payout, along with other options. Even better, you can program custom made assignments and track contracts which way. If you have got five contracts and would like to fulfill them onto a single mission, a personalized mission will allow you to just observe those three. It is miles ahead of vanilla KSP’s tiny scrolling taskbar window.


By far the most famous and hottest KSP mod in life is the Mechanical Jebediah, or MechJeb. Allowing a computer autopilot to take over your piloting tasks is perfect for anyone using a good flight program and great engineering abilities, but minus the rock-steady hands it requires to thoroughly touch 80 tons of steel onto alien soil. MechJeb can do everything, from extra-planetary insertion burns to docking maneuvers.

Some Purists insist that using MechJeb is”cheap” or”cheating.” To these, I say crap. MechJeb doesn’t allow an underpowered rocket reach orbit, and it won’t give you infinite fuel. If designing missions sounds like more fun than flying them to you, there is no shame whatsoever in handing the controllers to a professional…. But since we could not locate a specialist anywhere around here, we’re handing them to Jeb. Great luck.

Kerbal Alarm Clock

During most of KSP’s advancement, you needed to simply fast-forward Time and expect you did not rocket beyond your burn window. In those dark times, Kerbal Alarm Clock has been first born. Even though KSP has made it easier to hit on your windows, the alarm clock remains essential. Set alarms for specific pieces of the orbit, for different crafts passing near, for crossing orbits, and others. You can even tie into a strange alternate world, a planet called”Earth,” and set alerts depending on the local time.

Docking Port Alignment

The navball in vanilla KSP is much-maligned, but I don’t believe it Deserves the flak it gets. It’s ideal for most functions. Its biggest failure, in my mind, is docking guidance. Trying to develop a three-dimensional maneuver using a one-dimensional goal? That’s silly enterprise. Docking Port Alignment adds a pop-up window with four crosshairs. Point at the target, rotate into recovery, face perpendicular to your target, and get moving gently toward it, with the identical window.

It will not dock for you enjoy MechJeb, but it provides You all the information that you need to nail it. I moved from docking in a couple of moments to under thirty seconds once I began using this mod.

For Science!

Of all of the mods on this list, this one feels the most like cheating. For Science! Is intended to remove the science mill by automating it. Simply taking a thermometer into the sea will automatically capture that studying and store it in the control module. Arming a plane with a few experiments and flying it across Kerbin will bring in a constant stream of new science points. No more guessing if you’re over a specific biome or seeking to fly and press on an experiment at precisely the same time.

Multiplayer mods

For Some, KSP’s greatest asset is its own loneliness. For others, the only thing greater than docking will be docking with a buddy. Vanilla KSP was supposed to one day service multiplayer, but it now seems pretty unlikely that will ever happen. The thought took off with the neighborhood, however, and there are a couple solid selections out there.


Telemachus is complicated and I am but a simple moron, however the basic Gist is this: Telemachus pulls flight data out of KSP and sets it into a web browser. Using magical, presumably.

Why Is this cool? Well, you can use it to get a bunch of things. You can gather up tablets and old laptops and build yourself a mission controller. You can send that browser connection to a buddy and share real time data as you fly. Or, and here’s where it gets very fun, you can assemble a team to perform as your assignment controller. One player plays as the pilot in cockpit view, and mission control works to inform her when to burnoff, just how long, and where. Insert some beer and a few explosions, and you’ve got yourself a party.

Dark Multiplayer

Dark is not the first multiplayer mod, the one who got the whole Kerbosphere a-twitter When it first launched, but it’s the best we have right now. By combining a lot of server choices with more-stable-than-not netcode, Black Multiplayer allows you to hook up with a friend, rendezvous in orbit, and begin constructing that orbital science station.

The Significant barrier for multiplayer is the time warping: should I fast-forward two hours To catch up to my friend and she stays put, we are now in 2 different Time lines using two versions of Kerbin at different points in orbit. Without getting into Doctor Who levels of wimey-ness that is timey, Dark Multiplayer allows for one master to control time warping. This Keeps everyone on the same timeline, preventing fourth-dimensional Weirdness and Dalek attacks.

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