Master X Master, NCsoft’s Hero-Swapping MOBA, Will Be Closed in January


NCsoft said the game ‘failed to connect with gamers

We’ve had some good things to say about Master X Master, NCsoft. It wasn’t ideal, but as we mentioned as recently as August, even”in an increasingly crowded market, Master X Master warrants another look.” Nevertheless, it didn’t get that benefit of the doubt–a result we proactively called in our first report on it–and NCsoft announced today that it will be closed in the end of January.

“Deciding To shut the game isn’t a choice we come to lightly, but finally it came down to a matter of company –we researched several options, but none of them were more sustainable,” it stated. “We genuinely believe that MXM is special, and provided lots of fresh thoughts to change up the MOBA genre, but in trying to carve out a niche for itself, we failed to associate with gamers.


Real-money purchases in the MXM Store have been handicapped, but players Will have the ability to keep at it till January 31, 2018. For the remainder of its uptime, all game modes will be available to play at all times, and players will receive 500,000 X-Coins in order that they can unlock all in-game content. The community-developed Lua skin is going to be made available to everyone, for just 1 X-Coin.

Players who purchased the Game between August 30 and November 6 will be granted refunds; players in that interval who purchased it with the non refundable PaySafeCard, Nordea, or Osuuspankki & Aastopankki payment methods should contact NCsoft support for advice on how the refund will be managed.

“We Saw MXM for a challenge that Would revitalize the MOBA genre and draw players who wanted to test The upper limits of their skills–but ultimately, it wasn’t enough to Take on the established juggernauts,” NCsoft wrote. “We want to Hope you, and extend the MXM community our sincere gratitude all can Enjoy the rest of the time with the match .”

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