Bully Fans Are Desperate For a Sequel


Easter eggs and leaks have the subreddit in a frenzy. What is it about the high school classic that makes fans so eager?

Through Rockstar Games’ when they came to another Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption two players strolled in 2018 . On a revolver awarded at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2’s assignment The Noblest of Men, and a Woman, there is an inscription that reads,”Canis canem edit,” or”Dog eats dog”–Bully’s European name, along with also the motto of its high school setting, Bullworth Academy.

The title showed up again in June 2019 at a Grand Theft Auto Online upgrade –now a part of art uploaded together with the Diamond Casino & Resort referenced”Canis canem edit”. And the Bully two subreddit went nuts. “Everybody went crazy, making all types of theories about the painting,” that a Bully 2 fan named Mac tells me. “Some say it is a hint that Bully two is another Rockstar game. As it’s what everyone wants, I believe in it.

Mac played Bully if he was six, at the home of a cousin, and 13 years have passed since then. He is still waiting for a sequel, and enthused about it and on Discord. “We speak on a daily basis, and have become almost a family now.

Released in 2006, Bully is an game set in a school in a city. You play Jimmy Hopkins as he navigates the social cliques of the school in an attempt to take over Bullworth Academy. It is open-world such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, but in a setting that resonated with fans in a manner, from a perspective they hadn’t seen previously.

As soon as I played the game, I fell in love with it immediately because of its originality,” says Bully fan Simone Leccese. “Bully felt different–the place, the characters… all that has been something I had barely seen in a video game. It just felt so refreshing.”

Leccese continues,”The game took place in a college and the amount of detail Rockstar Vancouver had put to it was fantastic. They sacrificed a environment to ensure everybody and everything had a purpose. I have pretty much been waiting to play with a sequel immediately after I finished it.”

The game isn’t without controversy. In 2005, ahead of the game was published, people protested in front of the programmer’s offices to get”glorifying bullying.” However, for many players the reverse was actually achieved by Bully.


There are. The first is a list others that may not of what they’ve compiled — some things that may be clues. There are art and unconfirmed leaks, perceived Easter eggs from other games, the hype train in force. The next pinned post is a warning:”Don’t let Bully 2 drive you mental,” it states, in an effort to slow that hype train down. “Nothing is really confirmed,” Bully two subreddit moderator TheNathanNS writes. “But yet many of the neighborhood are taking every bread crumb of Bully 2 information that drops as a complete banquet meal.”

But which warning that a new hint has dropped : an image that the subreddit is calling a leaked screenshot has been dropped by the Bully 2 fanbase. (The screenshot was published in a movie from moderator TheNathanNS–ironically, the moderator who desired to slow the hype train–and we definitely cannot confirm its authenticity.

The picture is query is a map of a place. The pub at the top of the screen has options: Help, Character, Story Progress Online, and Social Club. The subreddit has obtained this picture and run with itit’s safe to say Bully 2 fans desperate for a sequel have been freaking out.

“This is awesome!! I believe it’s not fan made.”


“It’d take a good deal of effort to pretend something like that and if it is fake, then props to the guy who faked it. But it looks genuine to me”

“IT’S HAPPENING BOYS (probably)”

“Either this is genuine, which it looks like it is, or the person who faked this has to be quite skilled at what they do and needs a fantastic job for this. At least it is the most genuine thing we’ve up to now.”

Oh my god I’m freaking out. We’re sooo near an announcement, I will feel it.

Another Bully 2 enthusiast posted on August 14 that the website was updated in July. Of course, redirects to Rockstar Games’ Bully website–and it is not a lot of suggestion that the game is about to be announced. But for the fans desperate to see it happen, it is something. Still another bread crumb, if you may.

Bully was a significant game to plenty of people. High school is one, and a underused setting which players associate with. Look at the popularity of Life is Strange or the Persona series for cases of this. Even people who didn’t like high school at the time have been eager to get a chance to relive it into videogame form, and Bully was a rare chance to do that, to imagine what it’d be like to climb into the very best and rule the college.
“If Rockstar never announces a sequel, then I’ll definitely be disappointed,” Mark says. “I’ll, however, still be glad and grateful that they made such a unique and smart match in the first place.


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