The best Stardew Valley mods


From Star Wars retextures to easier fishing, here are the best mods for Stardew Valley

Started Valley doesn’t have official Steam Workshop support, but its own community has completely blossomed since it published in 2016. There are hundreds and hundreds of mods out there that do everything from changing what your critters look like, for making fishing simpler, to adding items and adjusting game balance. We overhauled our guide to the Stardew Valley mods that alter the way the game looks and create farm life simpler.

The majority of these mods were discovered either on the Stardew Valley Mod forum or at the match’s Nexus Mods webpage, both of which are becoming amazing mods regular. See our Stardew Valley multiplayer guide, if you are thinking about how to play multiplayer.

An important thing to note before jumping in is that Stardew Valley is actively getting upgrades. Since there isn’t any official mod support (yet) there’s an opportunity that mods will crack or need to be reinstalled after updates, so it is wise to copy any files you are likely to change in the event you need to revert the changes. And back up your save information to be safe. It can be found by default at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves.

Page 1: How to install mod programs that are basic and mods, aesthetic and Visual mods
Page 2: Utility mods and cheats
Page 3: additions and Gameplay mods
Page 4: Fandom crossover mods

To install Stardew Valley mods

Most of these mods are modifications to the XNB files of the game. That means all you need to do in order to install them is download the altered XNB, locate the corresponding XNB file from the Stardew Valley’Content’ folderdefault location is”C:\Steam\steamapps\shared \Stardew Valley\Content”, and the XNB you are looking for might be in a subfolder within the’Content’ folderand then replace the first XNB with the one you downloaded. Though, like I said, you should make a copy of the original in the event you want to take out the mod.

Started Modding API (SMAPI)

Mods that make more complex changes may necessitate the”Stardew Modding API”, or SMAPI for short. This is a community-made API that is frequently being updated and allows you to utilize DLL mods. It is a slightly larger hassle to set up these mods than the XNB ones–since you first must install SMAPI and download DLL mods to place into SMAPI’s mod folder–but it also allows those mods to make much deeper changes to the match. You can download SMAPI on the Stardew Valley modding forum, and I will be sure to mark which mods need it to be used.

Started Valley ModManager (SDVMM)

There is also a excellent ModManager tool made by modder yuuki named SDVMM. This keep track of all your mods, as well as can help you install and upgrade SMAPI. It permits you to easily activate and deactivate specific mods without having to remove the files completely, giving you more flexibility if you want to try out something on this list out but possibly not keep the mod forever.

Stardew Valley Content Patcher

Many of the most current Stardew Valley mods are compatible with Content Patcher, a tool that loads a multitude of mods without altering the XNB documents, making setup and uninstall easier, as well as reducing the likelihood of conflicts between mods. Content Patcher can be unzipped into Stardew Valley’s”mods” folder at the exact same location dictated above. You may then conduct Stardew Valley with SMAPI.

Now let’s get to the mods!

Ali’s Overgrown Fairy Buildings

Fairies aren’t going to be to everyone’s individual taste, but the Overgrown Fairy Buildings mod is too well done not to include in our list. It retextures all of your farm buildings to become white and pink, as well as being covered in blossoms and flowers. It’s a cute way to customize your farm and that I particularly enjoy the Slime Hutch being changed from a castle into a sweet little cabin with a flower garden. And if you’re to flowers, you might choose to pair this with Ali’s Flower Grass that turns all the long grass in your farm to vibrant wildflowers. Ali also includes a Modern Farm Buildings mod, even if you enjoy this modders style but are not exactly into adorable ivy-covered farmhouses.
Bathhouse Hot Spring

The bathhouse north of Pelican Town in which you can refresh your electricity is convenient, but the ambient whir of exhaust fans constantly feels just a little out of place in the idyllic valley. The Bathhouse Hot Spring mod transforms the old bathhouse into a gorgeous hotspring full with the gentle sound of running water. The original mod has not been updated since 2017, another modder has uploaded a variant of Bathhouse Hot Spring that’s compatible with all the Content Patcher mod manager.

No Spouse Rooms

Deciding who to pursue as a spouse is an important part of every new farm I start. While I love all Stardew’s beaus and belles, I’m always a bit disappointed when my sweetheart moves in and totally trashes the aesthetic of my home with their own weird hobby area. As modder Lydocia states,”Was my home not great enough for you?” No Spouse Rooms solves this issue by removing the extra room added by your partner when they move in. Marriage is about compromise, seemingly, however, the sanctity of my decoration is not a place where I’m prepared to meet at the center.
Modern Gothic Interior


Talking of decoration, modern Coldazrael’s Modern Gothic Interior reskins a lot of inside furniture with dark wood and stark white cloths. If you have worn out the possibilities of Stardew’s vanilla furniture, then the more Gothic furniture brings a whole new vibe.
Seasonal Victorian Buildings

Seasonal Victorian Buildings is just another very extensive visual mod for giving your farm a completely different appearance. Modder Eemie really went the excess mile by creating seasonal variations of every construction, meaning these Victorian structures fit right in with the word all year round.


Hi-Res DCBerger Portraits

My very own favorite portrait mod would be the Hi-Res DCBerger Portraits, an update to stylized low-res pictures by modder DCBerger that are no more available on Nexus. DCBerger’s reimagined character portraits provide all of Stardew’s characters a more angular and slightly masculine look. Modder Ra has upgraded the DCBerger’s portraits at greater resolution, meaning you will need the Portraiture mod which allows for personality portraits of higher resolution than the vanilla version of Stardew Valley.

Gigi’s Hi-Res Portraits Mod

My very own preferred portrait mod would be your Hi-Res DCBerger Portraits, an update to stylized low-res portraits by modder DCBerger which are no more available on Nexus. DCBerger’s reimagined character portraits provide all of Stardew’s characters a more angular and somewhat manly appearance. Modder Ra has upgraded the DCBerger’s portraits in greater resolution, which means that you will need the Portraiture mod that allows for personality portraits of greater resolution than the vanilla edition of Stardew Valley.
The Hi-Res Portraits Mod of gigi

\bit like Pokemon and One Piece had an affair. They’re a fun take of several characters. Harvey specifically makes out like a bandit by moving from dork mustache man to confirmed senpai. Don’t forget to download the Portraiture mod with this one too!

For a totally different feel, Gigi’s Hi-Res Portraits turn characters into colorful anime portraits that feel a bit like Pokemon and One Piece had an affair. They are a fun take of characters. Harvey in particular makes out like a bandit by going from dark mustache man to verified senpai. Don’t forget to download the Portraiture mod with this one as well!
Started Anime Mods

Started Anime Mods is among the most popular portrait mods for Stardew, for good reason. Its detailed and brightly colored pixel work fits in great with vanilla Stardew Valley. Unfortunately, it mostly just includes portraits for the young girls of Stardew Valley, meaning that the bachelors will look just a little less sparkly in comparison.
Monster Valley

Games about dating creatures and swords and birds have worked their way to gaming mainstream over the last year and Monster Valley conveys within their freaky footsteps. “Ever wanted to date a demon? Seduce a slime woman? Marry a merman?” Asks modder Blizzriel. “Well, now you can!” Monster Valley changes the portraits and sprites of Pelican Town eligible and their families . Robin and sebastian become demons, while Maru and Demetrius are dolls. Elliott, naturally, is a merman.
Coii’s Hair Sets Pack

The Hair Sets Pack of coii adds a lot of new hair designs to select varieties that are both long and short, for your farmer. From bows and braids to slick-backs that are stylish, there’s more than enough to pick from for a character creator like me.
The Cat Replacements of elle

Another wealth of choice would be Elle’s Cat Replacements which can turn your farm kitty into anything from a calico. Elle has made a number of creature replacement mods, including Dog Replacements, New Houses, and others.
Cuter Fatter Cows

Stardew Valley’s bovines turn into plumper models with cheeks intended to look like the cows of Harvest Moon. Quite a few modders have created creature sprites but these are by far my favorite. Modder Identitypollution has published an upgrade to Cuter Fatter Cows which includes all their cuter and Faster creature retextures.
Horse Bear

The Horse Bear mod turns your steed that is useful into a bear. I like bears, which makes this a mod that is fantastic. There are actually several mods for turning your horse into a bear, but this one is my favorite. I figure modders like bears.
Horse Boys

Exotic Boys allows you turn your horse into among the bachelors of Stardew Valley. They seem pretty horrifying galloping about on all fours and I truly don’t want to get into the implications of riding your partner (or someone other than your partner ) around city. This mod is the kind of weird without quite crossing it, that toes the line of messed up, which I could respect. For uncanny villagers and more horrifying, attempt PamCrow. It is exactly what you believe.
The Pinkpocalypse

I should not be shocked by the number of mods that turn different elements of Stardew Valley. To begin with, turn all Stardew’s dialogue boxes and inventory screens pink . Follow up that Cute Valley Pink and Buildings for Cute Valley which all your farm’s buildings, interiors, resources, and machines. Would you like pink sheep? Of course you do. Why have scarecrows if you may have a bunch of catcrows?

Page 1: How to set up Stardew Valley mods, SMAPI, SDVMM, and Content Patcher
Page 2: Visual and aesthetic mods
Page 3: cheats and Utility mods
Page 4: enhancements and Gameplay mods
Page 5: Fandom crossover mods

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