What Are The Chances of Persona 5 Coming to PC?


After the release of Catherine on PC, a port of Persona 5 on PC seems a lot more likely

After the release of Catherine on PC, it seems more likely than that Persona 5 will finally come to PC. Catherine was the initial in-house Atlus match to be swept up in the efforts to port its back catalog of Sega. Before, this has yielded the likes of Bayonetta, Vanquish, Shenmue I and II, Yakuza 0, as well as the Valkyria Tales games. Persona 5 on PC is packed with people’s wish lists, including ours.

The publisher seems seriously interested in bringing console games to PC. And Sega possesses Atlus. The odds of Persona 5 coming to PC appeared thinner before Catherine arrived to PC. Now there’s a precedent.

Here is what we know about Atlus matches and Persona coming including an extract from an interview where we requested Sega regarding the possibility, a official 2019 comment on Atlus/Sega vents, and a discussion of the importance of Catherine.

What Sega advised us in January 2019, which could one day include Persona 5 on PC concerning Atlus vents

This quotation may provide you a little bit of hope if you are curious about if Persona 5 or other Atlus games coming to PC. “We hope to have more exciting news to share from Sega/Atlus about publishing on PC in the future,” Sega told us in January 2019. We were especially asking why the Full Body edition of Catherine came to PS4 but not PC, as Steam obtained the classic version instead.

The suggestion from this announcement is that probably won’t be the only Atlus game to visit PC–that surely makes Persona 5 a powerful candidate.

If They’d like a PC port gamers are asked by atlus

Earlier this year, Atlus released a poll to its US players using quite a few questions about their opinions on the future of several series. Even though the survey is no longer available, Persona Central posted a record of questions in the survey that look pretty respectable.

Reportedly, Atlus requested gamers”What do you need to see in the Persona in the future?” Using”PC Port” being an available option alongside things like DLC content along with other platform interfaces. Obviously this question was one of several, including the future of other Atlus series and players’ gaming habits. It’s far from a promise, but Atlus probably is not testing the water out of idle curiosity.

Atlus targets Persona 5 emulator using DMCA takedown notice

Last year, Atlus issued an aggressive DMCA takedown notice to PS3 emulator RPCS3, initially going to Patreon to ask the project’s campaign be eliminated entirely. At the moment, the page of RPCS3 recorded instructions on dumping Persona 5’s software. RPCS3 has removed all reference to Persona 5 to its Patreon and official webpages.

In its statement on the takedown notice, Atlus states”We know that lots of Persona fans would really like to see a PC version. And while we don’t have anything to announce we are listening! For now, the best way to experience

Persona 5 is on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.”

Atlus might not necessarily have immediate plans to port Persona 5 to PC, and employers often do require preventative measures to protect their intellectual property, but its harsh stance on the situation may indicate that they have more than a passing interest in releasing their own PC port.


We requested Sega about Persona in E3 2017 back about PC –here’s what it said

Flash back to E3 2017. We requested Sega’s John Clark regarding the Odds of this Persona and Yakuza games coming to PC, annually before Yakuza 0 was declared at our very own PC Gaming Display.

Here is how he responded when we asked specifically Atlus games had not come at that moment to PC. “The excellent thing about becoming involved with Atlus and you see it through Sega America and Atlus–they’re bringing out Persona 5, and this can be an Atlus name but they are bringing out new variants of their Yakuza titles, they’re doing this together–and so it just makes sense that most of us talk together about extending all of those, incredible IP, across to Steam and recognise that the PC viewer adds to people community and consumer experiences, it does not detract from it and it isn’t anything they ought to be worried about, so… those discussions certainly happen.

We set to Clark that everyone has a wish list of games they wish to view on PC and that the publisher seemed to take note of it, based on the discharge pattern of its classics. Here’s how he answered:”Yeah, if you send that record to us and I’ll show you which ones we could tick, which ones are on our list, which ones are chances, which ones aren’t chances, which ones we have talked about, which ones we are talking about, which ones we’re working on–they’ll be on this list.” This is fairly non-committal–in summary, Sega has a collection of games that are older it could bring to PC, while some are not and some are chances.

When we asked about Yakuza,” Clark said,”It is on this list, you understand?” Obviously, we know how that ended–using Yakuza 0 landing on PC only over a year later and winning one of our GOTY awards. We then pressed on Persona. “Of course, of course–I keep saying ahead of you, I am trying to figure what you’re going to say next…” Clark appeared to be referring to Persona also being on the aforementioned wish list.

But we do not think anything is off the table regarding those conversations, The fact that as an organisation, we are having these , they’re healthy discussions, they’re fine, we recognise the value, we recognise the worth of this community, we recognise the value of their IP. The IP has continued life to develop bigger and yeah, we’re having those discussions.

Againall very non-committal, and I definitely suggest reading the full interview for circumstance on the discussion. But the fact that 18 months we have Yakuza and Catherine 0 on PC suggests there are not many limiting factors maintaining games.

Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Scramble

In April, Atlus fully announced Persona 5 Royal an expanded version of P5 Golden, for PS4. When it releases in Japan this October and everywhere else the new version will add a third session and extra character interactions.

Atlus has also declared a action game in the design of Dynasty Warriors or Hyrule Warriors publishing on the Nintendo Shift and PS4, Persona 5 Scramble.

Atlus does appear to be on a little bit of a Persona announcement streak while release is currently coming to PC yet. Perhaps they’ll make it a hat trick and provide us the next announcement we are hoping for.

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