Apex Legends: What’s the best weapon for you?


Apex Legends, includes a number of weapons for your gamers to pick from; are you currently wondering what is the ideal weapon for you in Apex Legends? This manual has all of the answers you want.

The game includes a total of 19 weapons that you will eventually stumble upon, is it the spoils of conflict, a pickup or got from a crate. Each the weapons have distinct damage stats and unique types. Additionally, the game provides multiple skins to the weapon’s decorative modification. So so as to do well and win the games, you could be asking yourself which weapon would be the best for you in Apex Legends.
Which are the ideal Apex Legends firearms?

Apex Legends: What's the best weapon for you?

Each of Apex Legends weapons could be categorized in various weapon forms like SMG, LMG or Sniper such as and each weapon has its uses in various scenarios based on the weapon category it drops in. Some weapons have greater damage stats, some have faster turnaround time, some have greater magazine capacity etc.. In general, every characteristic of a weapon has its use and significance of the sport.

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Regardless, this really is our for each of the inspection of all of the weapons of Apex Legends.

This weapon has the second greatest damage imposing capacity in the match using a 50cal bullet and it’s a very long range sniper rifle.

The only downside is that it does not support any kind of attachment and you get only eight shots. Definitely one of our top pick for best weapons in Apex Legends.


This shotgun has the highest damage stats at 288 headshot damage and 144 body damage per shot.


For a shotgun, this weapon has decent range. The downside is that you get only 20 shots with this weapon which are non-replenishable and Mastiff is very hard to find.


Being a fully automatic assault rifle with extendable magazine and scope attachment, Flatline can be an effective weapon.


Unfortunately, it has a low firing rate but still, it does a decent amount of damage per shot. It’s in our top picks because it’s a balanced weapon and it comes in handy when you have to aim while on the move.


Spitfire is a fully automatic LMG with very well balanced overall attributes which make it easier to use. It has higher accuracy and a quicker reload time compared to other weapons of its class.


However, you will require an extended magazine with a weapon to make more effective because it holds fewer rounds per magazine compared to other weapons in its class. Definitely one of the best weapons to get in Apex Legends.

Good Options

R-301 Carbine

This assault rifle is fully automatic with an 18 round magazine which makes it easier to use. The damage is overall less compared to other assault rifles however, it has high accuracy and fire rate.


This is one of the best weapons to get in Apex Legends if you are a beginner and this would have been in our recommended category if it had higher damage stats.


This shotgun has a magazine of 6 rounds and its ammo is very easily available. It’s a must-have weapon in your inventory and is the best shotgun after Mastiff. PeaceKeeper has the third highest damage stats at 165 for a headshot.


In close quarter combat, it can do a lot of damage to the enemies due to its high damage inflicting capability. One of the best weapon to have in Apex Legends as an alternate to Mastiff.


This is the only pistol that uses heavy ammo that can deliver damage of 90 in a single headshot which is higher compared to the rest of the pistols.


Wingman holds a magazine of 6 rounds and has a precise aim, it’s good for taking head-shots.


R-99 is an SMG and has very rapid firing rate but also it does come at the expense of increased recoil. It holds a magazine of 18 rounds.


It’s a good alternative to shotguns in close quarter combat and can inflict quite a lot of damage due to its blistering firing rate.

G7 Scout

It’s a sniper rifle which is also good at mid-range with the usual long range. Moreover, it holds a magazine of 10 rounds.


Due to its lightweight and being semi-automatic, it has an advantage over other weapons in its class.

Hemlok Burst AR

Hemlok is an assault rifle with burst mode firing capabilities and can prove to be useful on the battlefield.


Hemlok used heavy ammo and holds 18 bullets in the magazine.

RE-45 Auto

It’s a fully automatic pistol with a 15 round magazine thus, it has a faster fire rate than the rest of the pistols.


Still, the drawback remains that a single shot from this does not cause a lot of damage. Still a good option as a side-arm in Apex Legends.

Triple Take

This is a sniper rifle that fires three projectiles for every shot which are in a horizontal line. It’s good for hitting a fast moving target because of the multiple projectiles per fired shot.


This weapon uses energy based ammo which is easy to find and the weapon is more effective at mid-range.


Devotion is an LMG that uses energy based ammo which is easily available and also has a magazine of 44 rounds.

Apex Legends: What's the best weapon for you?

The weapon is criticized by some for taking time to reach its maximum firing rate but after warming up, this weapon can really give the required advantage over your enemies.


This weapon is the only fully- automatic shotgun in Apex Legends which is easier to use for beginners. It has an 8-round magazine which is enough to drop an enemy.

Apex Legends: What's the best weapon for you?

The damage inflicted is lower than other shotguns but overall it’s an effective weapon.

Weaker Options


This pistol has the least damage per shot which is almost equivalent to a melee weapon at the damage of 12 for body and 18 for a headshot.


Apex Legends: What's the best weapon for you?

Its semi-automatic weapon and it’s not even the ideal weapon to have as a side-arm in Apex Legends.


Alternator is a mid-range SMG with the second highest damage in Apex Legends SMG category weapons.

Apex Legends: What's the best weapon for you?

It has a solid recoil and it has a smaller magazine which coupled with a damage of 13 for body and 19 for headshot makes it ineffective.


This a weapon that contains both disadvantages of a pistol and shotgun. Its very inaccurate and damage stats aren’t much for a shotgun.

Apex Legends: What's the best weapon for you?

It fires shotgun shells but the damage done is average and you need to be really close to the enemy. This is our least recommended pick out of all shotguns in Apex Legends.


As a sniper, its good weapon and if you are good at sniping then you can utilize this weapon. But for an ordinary player, its small magazine and slow firing rate can be a nightmare.

Apex Legends: What's the best weapon for you?

The drawback is that it is very slow and enemies get a lot of time for recovery. Also, it only has a 5 round magazine so you can’t afford to waste bullets and even for a sniping specialist, there are better weapon options in Apex Legends.

Prowler Burst

This SMG has a 20 round magazine with heavy ammo. Its accuracy is not dependable and you would require modifications like the hop-up mod for firing full auto to actually cause some damage.

Apex Legends: What's the best weapon for you?

Overall not a recommended weapon in Apex Legends because it can only have an impact with rare attachments which are very hard to find so it’s better to avoid this weapon.

Which weapon should you choose in Apex Legends?

It is hard to label a single weapon as the best to have in Apex Legends because most of these weapons have certain attributes which can prove to be useful at the time of need. So, a player would probably have to choose a weapon that is more suited to their playing style and tactics.

Apex Legends: What’s the best character for you?

But we would suggest that the players should try out our recommended weapons for Apex Legends because they definitely have an edge over the rest of weapons.

What weapon suits you the best?

Which Apex Legends weapon was the best in your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Apex Legends is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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