Code Vein Review (PS4)


It’s not easy to assert how successful the matches that have been able to master the Souls formulation are nowadays. They readily gain a following as a result of the huge success of this From Software developed Souls series. But even though many clones have been made nowadays, not all them come close to attaining the identical success or perhaps offering the identical quality.

It has some fantastic elements such as a profound customization system which allows the participant tweak their personality skills dependent on the different assigned courses. It will not maintain the participant locked to one course and motivates them to mix and match based on what they need with the battle system.

Code Vein Review (PS4)

Code Vein attempts to make an intricate plot to spell out the mechanisms of revival after death. The subject of resurrection is connected with revenants that are beings who satisfy their desire with bloodor in other words, basically immortal vampires. The planet has gone into ruins after a calamity struck it leaving the majority of the humanity rare and revenants becoming a valuable instrument to fight and live on earth. The participant has a customized character that’s injected into the narrative as the primary protagonist who’s also a revenant.


The character creation in Code Vein deserves a proper mention. It is fairly robust even if it is not one of the deepest customization systems. There are many choices given to tweak the appearance of your character including customization to their apparel. This extends to the playstyle with a deep dive into the abilities of the character.

Blood codes are the class system that lets you learn abilities. Once you have them equipped, you can then try to learn new abilities and create a custom loadout that better suits your style. These blood codes can be easily swapped at any point and there are more than a dozen of them available, which makes the experience satisfying. Since there is no limit here, it will be hard to get stuck with a specific blood code and you can always try to exploit the weakness of enemies or bosses with your loadout.

Code Vein completes the whole cinematic experience by offering a countless amount of dialogue and story cutscenes to advance the plot. This would be a good way to enjoy a game ideally however in this case, the story is not that exciting but it does carry a sense of mystery that makes you continue playing the game. The story feels depressing and has a very dark tone but it is not all bad, you will also discover some entertaining moments that will lighten the tone.

Some of the side characters get their special moments and place in the story with slow exposition events. It can’t be helped that there is a certain clunkiness in the combat. The attacks and flow of the battles are not as smooth. The enemies can easily outnumber you but this is where the game allows AI partners which can be quite helpful.

The story aspects of the game are weak and the gameplay lacks excitement.

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