Devil May Cry 5 Guide: How To Find And Unlock All Secret Missions


Devil May Cry 5 provides a great deal of replay value with the addition of a standing system along with also the capacity to play every assignment . You could even locate secret assignments in a number of the amounts and this manual serves the role of listing each one of these.

Devil May Cry 5 key missions begin simple and finishing all these will reward the player with blue orbs, which in turn will raise the health gauge in case you get a number of these to form an entire blue orb.

Location: you’ll be able to discover it at Mission 2. It’s found in the resort and because this is the first secret assignment, the match will essentially guide your hands to tip towards it allowing you to understand how to unlock secret assignments.

How To Finish: This is the simplest secret assignment. All you have to do it to kill all of the enemies in the particular time and that is it.

Location: you’ll be able to discover it at Mission 3. In this assignment, once you’re researching the sewers that you will stumble upon a staircase. To lineup the glyphs with this secret assignment, you need to leap down and stay in the center of it and look up to locate it.

How To Finish: This can be really a catchy assignment which needs you to overcome Red Empusa until they can escape. Use the powers of Nero’s Devil Breakers such as Rocket Arm jointly with charged shots and transcend to eliminate them immediately.

Location: You can find it in Mission 4.

How To Complete: Just grab all the red orbs in the room to complete this mission. You can purchase V’s sprint skill to make your job easier.

Location: You can find it in Mission 5.

How To Complete: The tricky part of this secret mission is defeating all enemies without getting hit. To accomplish this easily, you need to always be on the lookout and make sure to summon Nightmare as soon as possible into the battle.

Location: You can find it in Mission 8.

How To Complete: This is a pure platforming nightmare. You will need to be agile and shoot at the grapple points while simultaneously grabbing them to make way to the next one. This requires a lot of precise timing and rhythm in order to complete successfully.

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Location: You can find it in Mission 9.

How To Complete: The short time limit makes this quite hard to complete with the first attempt. You will need to be aggressive and start up with charged up moves from Griffon and Shadow. Combine their powers together to keep hitting the enemies and hopefully finish this one in the required time.


Location: You can find it in Mission 10.

How To Complete: Death Scissor’s are always tricky to fight in the main game and they are one of the objectives in this secret mission. You have to get rid of their scissors which can be done easily with parry. Once you get rid of their scissors, you have to wait for a red aura to appear over their head and finish them off with a charged Ebony and Ivory shot.

Location: You can find it in Mission 11.

How To Complete: You need to maintain an S rank in this mission. The enemies are tougher to defeat and some of them end up with additional power armor. The best way to deal with this mission is to use a combination of attacks and focus on the high-level foes first and then move on to others.

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Location: You can find it in Mission 12.

How To Complete: You will need to keep in the air for the required amount of time so the trick here is to pick a weapon that can keep Dante afloat enough to fulfill this objective. The best weapon to use here is the Cavaliere motorcycle. You can combine it with the Swordmaster stance and use the style move to make sure Dante doesn’t touch the ground.

Location: You can find it in Mission 14.

How To Complete: The best way to complete this mission is to summon nightmare at the beginning and then use the promotion ability of V to leap on its back and move to the blue orb. You can try to do it without this ability but it can be quite tricky to just use Shadow and Griffon to reach the blue orb.

Location: You can find it in Mission 15.

How To Complete: The short time limit and tricky platforming maneuver make it a tough mission. You can use some skills like the Gerbera’s aerial dodge move to get some air time for Nero. Make sure to unlock most of the aerial skills in order to have an easier time with it.

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Location: You can find it in Mission 16.

How To Complete: Since you need to be careful of the enemies in order to gain the most amount of red orbs, the best weapon to use here is Dr. Faust firearm. You can get a higher payout by using it and then continue to beat enemies. The most efficient way to attempt it is with a fully upgraded Faust firearm that will get you a great number of red orbs and easily finish the mission.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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