The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Review (Switch)


The Legend of Zelda series has been fully changed in contemporary times after initially being released as a 2D upper class action RPG. Breath of the Wild is exceptionally regarded as the pinnacle of this show and it was a huge game having a open world to explore. This approach to game design is significantly different compared to the traditional Zelda games which lasted until the transition into 3D starts with Ocarina of Time.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a movie of the Game Boy first that also obtained a remaster of types with a coloured version to the Game Boy Color. Nintendo Switch variant is a complete 3D remake of the classic that is wildly thought of one of the very underrated Zelda games. If you wish to learn about the background of this game and whether it’s worthy of being regarded as a cult classic, this could be the ideal way to encounter it.

Link’s Awakening ditches a few of the things which the show is traditionally known for and rather concentrates on exploration within an exciting fresh Island. The game isn’t set in Hyrule however an entirely different place named Koholint Island. Link washes ashore with this Isle once he loses his boat in a thunderstorm. Link then tries to discover the way to escape the Isle that proves to be a complex situation.


Koholint Island isn’t a normal Island since it’s safeguarded by a deity that looks like a whale. The natives refer to it as the Wind Fish and it’s all up to link to discover a pair of musical instruments concealed all around the Island to wake up the Wind Fish. The significant focus of this game is to the degree and dungeon layout with lots of puzzles to solve together with monsters to fight in them.

What is remarkable to see in this remake is how much care has been put in making sure the authenticity of the original experience is kept intact for both newcomers and returning fans. The map design is almost a match with little to no changes made to make it different. The game is carefully crafted to preserve the legacy of the original level and dungeon design but with modern twists to make them more pleasing and enjoyable. The art style has a cute animated look that gives everyone a chibi appearance. It does work well with the overall presentation and looks visually striking.

Link’s Awakening expects you to return to many of its locations because you won’t have the ability to reach some of the secret areas until later in the game. The layout of the levels is easy to remember so it is hard to get lost in the world. . There is also a great nod to the series with some side-scrolling dungeons. They were a nice surprise to discover in the game. They also offer a change of pace from the standard top-down gameplay.

Combat in Link’s Awakening is straight forward with an attack and defense button.

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