Mario Tennis Aces Patch Notes 3.0.0 – New Update for Nintendo Switch


Mario Tennis Experts has received a new update, Patch 3.0.0 is ready for download. We have the entire patch notes 3.0.0 for you.

Mario Tennis Experts Update 3.0.0 is a significant update from Nintendo.

Among other things, a fresh cutscene was inserted, which explains why the events that result in the start of the story mode.

Furthermore, Dry Bones is added as a personality, raising the total amount of playable characters to 28. With this upgrade, Yoshi gets a ring shot.

Mario Tennis Aces Update Version 3.0.0 Patch Notes

New mode”Ring Shot”

A new mode” Ring Shot” will appear to compete for the score, aiming to get the ring to appear on the court while rallying with the opponent.


Yoshi’s colorful ring

In Ver.3, you will have the ability to play ring shots”Jossy’s Colorful Ring” with special rules, playing with 4 colours of Yoshi.

Insert a new movie to story style

A new opening film has been inserted to the narrative mode to be played with one individual, depicting the”event that triggered Mario to go on an adventure”.This theme will be published especially, so if you have not cleared the narrative yet, why not try again to the experience to save Luigi on this event?

New personalities, one after another!

The new character delivered alongside May 1st (Wednesday) are the enemy personality Dry Bones.
While the figures are unusually tricky the shot from the backward direction is a lob shot.

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