Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate – Transfer your 3DS Save to Switch


By J.P. on August 28, 2018 on Gaming News – All Techniques Capcom, Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate, News, Tips

Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate is now available for Nintendo Switch as well. You can keep your backup file if you’ve already played Monster Hunter: Generations on the 3DS.

So you can transfer your Monster Hunter: Generations file from your Nintendo 3DS system to Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. We explain how it works.


How To Transfer Your Save From 3DS To Switch

  • Download the Monster Hunter: Gen U Save Data Transfer App on the Nintendo 3DS store.
    • It’s is a free app. Just search for the game title in the 3DS store and you will find it.
  • Open the Save Data Transfer App on your 3DS.
    • Open Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. You will see the Transfer option on the main menu.
  • On the Save Data Transfer App (3DS) you’ll need to link your 3DS to your Nintendo Switch.
    • Connect both devices (3DS and Nintendo Switch) onto a single wifi network.
    • On the Save Data Transfer App, select Link Nintendo 3Ds and Nintendo Switch
    • The app will connect to your wifi network. Select Show Transfer Password and a password will appear.
  • Now, go to Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. Select the (Transfer) option on the main menu.
    • Select Link Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch and wait for the Switch to connect to the server.
    • If the game states you’re already connected to a server, select Remove Link and try again.
  • Now that both systems are connected to the server and linked, the [Enter Transfer Password] option will appear on Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. Select it.
    • Input the password you received on your Nintendo 3DS, on the Monster Hunter: Gen USave Data Transfer App. It is a 10-digit password.
  • We’re not done yet! Return to the Monster Hunter: Gen U Save Data Transfer App on your Nintendo 3DS.
    • Go back to the Main Menu of the app, then select Save Data Transfer.
    • Next, select Send MH Gen Save Data and Yes after looking at what actually transfers.
  • Jump back onto Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. Under Transfer on the main menu, select Receive Save Data.
    • Select Yes, and Yes and you will quickly receive the save data, and be dumped back into the Main Menu.
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