Devil May Cry 5 Guide: Best Method To Farm Red Ords


Red Orbs are the primary money in Devil May Cry 5. You need it in order to unlock gold orbs or upgrades, skills and buy health. This guide will allow you to farm red orbs.

The first and perhaps the most easy way to receive a good number of Red Orbs right at first is to play the demo. If you have a save file using the demo completed in Xbox One or your PS4 since the demo has gone now, you can find a quick 30K Orbs that will be more than enough to purchase the set of upgrades for Nero.

How To Farm Devil May Cry 5 Red Orbs?

In the start, it’s not possible to farm orbs easily. You will have to do your best to find the best ranking possible to get a mission and maintain an S style rank during conflicts to grow the amount of orbs dropped by the enemies.

The best method for farming red orbs will require you to wait until Mission 13. At this point, you will be able to get your hands on the Faust firearm for Dante. Upgrading this firearm is really important in farming for Red Orbs because it increases their drop rate in the game.

You can attempt this Red Orb farming method at the end of Mission 13. Once you reach a certain point in the story where the game requires you to destroy four blood clots. Enemies will respawn at this point which you can kill to get a lot of red orbs.


Devil May Cry 5 Guide: Best Method To Farm Red Ords

The best way to do this method is to equip the Gun (ranged) weapon and then lock onto enemies and keep shooting them. You can get thousands of red orbs by killing enemies here with the Faust firearm equipped and upgraded to level 4. Once you have cleared them out, restart from the last checkpoint and go through this again until the required amount of red orbs have been obtained.

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