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The computer game is about three characters that are weird, they do not talk with anyone and even go out in the neighborhood. Their titles are Bachelor, Haruspex plus a woman named Devotress they speak for their selves, they were abandoned by their parents that’s the reason why they live in their own now. They know how to live life without the help of anyone; people in their territory are very curious about how they get food to survive, that is. Producer: Ice-Pick Lodge. Publisher: tinyBuild Games. Release date: May 23, 2019. Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One.

Pathologic Remake PC DownloadOne day there were rumors about a plague but the people just ignored it. Then there where mutant humans appeared in the mist and ate the people that comes their way. Some people were saved, but all of them blame the sibling because they were the reason why there’s a plague in their land. But the thing that they don’t know if they’re the ones who are rescuing them from the monsters. So you will pick one of the characters to defend your land and save as many people you can.

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The full version of Pathologic 2 downloaded for PCs is now available. Install an action adventure game and spend a nice day. On your mission, you will find out that the only thing for defeating the mutants is fire. So you must store up enough fire so you can defeat all of them at once and bring peace to your land. But before you get there, you must rescue your people even though they didn’t like you at first. The three of you will split up, go to different directions, and find people that need help. And with that, you can defeat more mutants at once. You will get upgrades of the blaze of fire, weapons that fire up fire and gears to store your fire. You will know if you are in the next level when the colors of the woods and dirt are changing like you are in a four-season, but you’re still in your land. In the peek-reviewed Pathologic Remake game on the PC, the Unity engine was exploited.Seek. Defeat. Survive the Demonic Pathologic 2 PS4, XONE, PC! Price on steam: 31.49 USD – Pre-Order.


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Pathologic 2 system requirements PC


GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or better.
RAM: 4 GB System Memory.
OS: Windows® 7 or better 64-bit.
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 3.0GHz or better.
GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.
Hard Drive Space Required: 25 GB.
DX: DirectX 11.


GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 or better.
RAM: 16 GB System Memory.
OS: Windows® 7 or better(64-bit).
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 3.0GHz or better.
GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.
Hard Drive Space Required: 25 GB.
DX: DirectX 11.

Pathologic 2 free Download PC

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