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The Crew 2 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is the second instalment of racing game The Crew, which occurred on the market in 2014. It is a debut position for the studio Ivory Tower. However, its programmers had gotten a lot of experience while working on other titles before. The first part of The Crew was well received. That is why the studio decided to carry on with the continuation for Ubisoft publisher. The premiere of the sandbox game was scheduled for June 29, 2018. Price on steam: ‎59,99 USD.


Game mechanics in The Crew 2 multiplayer

Compared to first part of the racing game, The Crew 2 PS4, PC, XOne is a co-op game much more advanced. There is no longer a simple story of cops and criminals. This time we will be having four gigantic automotive families and open world. The goal of the player is to show himself in an effective way in this enormous playground set in the USA. If you like racing games, then The Crew 2 Download is the way to go! See all your possibilities offered by the title. The goal of the game is to participate in various types of events. Each of the families specialize in different driving style – street races, off-roads, freestyle driving as well as professional races. The player gains different vehicles and improvements along the progress.

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