Resident Evil 2 Weapons Locations Guide


Resident Evil 2 has a ton of weapons to collect for both Claire’s and Leon campaigns. Keep Reading to find all of the Resident Evil 2 Weapon Locations below.

Both Leon and Claire will get access to weapons but in most cases they will found in precisely the exact same place as exact alternates.

Resident Evil 2 Leon Weapons List

Leon will have access

  • W-870 Shotgun
  • Chemical Flamethrower
  • Rocket Launcher
  • M19 Pistol
  • Lightning Hawk Magnum

Resident Evil 2 Claire Weapons List

You’ll Have the Ability to get the following weapons in the campaign of Claire:

  • GM 76 Grenade Launcher
  • Spark Shot
  • Minigun
  • Quickdraw Army Revolver
  • MQ 11 SMG
  • SMB HP3 Laser Sight Pistol

Claire is going to be able to get her hands on weapon when compared with Leon.

Resident Evil 2 Weapons Locations

Below we will be moving over about the locations of where it is possible to find the weapons.

Resident Evil 2 W-870 Shotgun (Leon) or GM 79 Grenade Launcher (Claire) Weapon Location

The W-870 and GM 79 is going to be the weapons you’ll have the ability to get your hands on for Leon and Claire respectively. They are saved in the Safety Deposit Room on the 1st Floor of the Raccoon City Police Station. You’ll want to receive the Weapons Keycard to open the locker . The keycard is located in the Art Room on the east side of the 2nd Floors. Do note you’ll want to get your hand on the Spade Crucial to find access to the second floor east side areas.

Resident Evil 2 Chemical Flamethrower or Spark Shot Weapon Location

To Find the Chemical Flamethrower or Spark Shot to get Leon and Claire respectively You Will Need King Plugs and that the Queen. To get the weapon’s head to the Supplies Storage Room. Moving down the reduced Sewers till you reach the room, and continuing in the waterway does this. There place get the King Plug and head up from the socket, which opens a door. Utilize the King Plug on the weapon to open it.

Resident Evil 2 M19 Pistol or Quickdraw Army Revolver Weapon Location

These weapons can easily be obtained but can be done for Claire and Leon. To get the Scenarios, finish the game once and then get New Sport (Second Run) from the main menu. They are located together with the Storage Box in the Guardroom from the underpass. You’ll need to utilize Bolt Cutters for this.

Resident Evil 2 Lightning Hawk Magnum or MQ 11 SMG Weapon Location

Getting the Lightning Hawk Magnum or MQ 11 SMG in Resident Evil 2 for Leon and Claire respectively is quite the challenge. Do attempt this as you won’t be able to get the weapons until you’ve got access to all the areas after completing Underground sections and the Parking lot.


You are going to also want the Red Jewel on the 2nd Floor East Side in the Art Room. To find it, combine that with all the Hand that is just aside the Statue from the Art Room and you are going to utilize the Red Book. Doing this gets your. When playing as Claire, if you’re playing as Leon and the Heart Key, other than this you are going to need the Club Key. Got everything? Let’s start.

Resident Evil 2 Weapons Locations Guide

Go to the Observation Room combine the Jewelry Box with the Red Jewel. Doing this get you a S.T.A.R.S Badge, which if you examine once again becomes the Police USB Flash Drive. Use this USB Drive at the S.T.A.R.S Office Computer to unlock the Weapons Locker, which will have either the Lightning Hawk Magnum or MQ 11 SMG depending on the character you’re using.

Resident Evil 2 JMB HP3 Laser Sight Pistol Weapon Location

This Pistol is only obtainable by Claire and is found in a car inside the Parking Garage. First go to the Firing Range where you’ll find a Yellow Box with a note beside it. Examining the box will give you a bent car key, use that to open to trunk of the police car in the Parking Garage. The trunk will have the Pistol inside it.

Resident Evil 2 Rocket Launcher or Minigun Weapon Location

Both of these weapons are obtained during the final boss fight.

Want more Resident Evil 2? Check out our guide on solving the Goddess Statute Three Medallion Puzzle. We also went over the three different difficulty options and explained what each of them does. Unfortunately the game’s HDR implementation isn’t that great, there’s a patch out right now but unfortunately that doesn’t fix much. There’s a ton more planned for Resident Evil 2 by the devs, so stay tuned.

Resident Evil 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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