Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Review (Switch)


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is the Hottest Ball spinoff from this time and Bandai Namco we’re Likely all Duel Masters.

Dragon Ball has a very long history with it being among the behemoths in Japan alongside Magic The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! With so many characters across countless episodes of Anime and chapters of Manga, the Dragon Ball TCG makes sense.

World Mission is the latest release on PC and Switches and includes cards from eight different releases of the game (starting from 2010) released on Western Arcades, iOS, and Android. There’s a ton of content here folks for hardcore Dragon Ball enthusiasts who will discover cards into some very niche characters too.

The Story of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is very non-canon, what that signifies is that the creators have freedom to spend the story wherever they need. This means you will find characters from across Dragon Ball displays and movies interacting with each other, no matter if they’re canon or not. There are also some original characters to the Dragon Ball Heroes world so you’ll be seeing some extreme characters throughout the adventure such as transformations of characters you may not be expecting, like Gohan going Super Saiyan 3 and 4 even though at the main narrative he’s kind of stuck at 2.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission sports CCG (Personality Card Game) gameplay, which means most of your strategy will be with personalities cards and not Trap such as seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Energy Cards from Pokemon. In every bout players will have to pick together with every one of them using their Guard HP and Power stats. There’s a decent little approach in choosing the ideal characters in certain conflicts but in most cases, you will just wind up choosing your most powerful cards.


Battles take place so the main strategy here is picking when to attack. Moving personalities to the to allow them to regain their Electricity and choosing where to put each Character is tremendously significant to deal the most damage. Characters help one recover by proceeding in place can team up and move. At the conclusion as any card game, the final objective is to reduce your opponents Life Points until they can’t take harm anymore.

Since World Mission is based off an Arcade Game primarily there’s lots of mini-games that really feel annoying more than pleasurable. There are mini-games for assaulting, which should you time right enables you to deal higher damage in addition to swiping cards via the touch screen. They feel needlessly tacked on and I wish there was an choice to disable them. Generally the bout is won by the player who is better in the mini-games as the card meta is pretty much set in stone while playing the game on the internet.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission’s story is a fantastic mess as its basically a Dragon Ball power excursion fan fiction written by someone who desired more Super transformations. There’s a ton of articles in the Story Mode but I sense unless you are a fan of the series you’ll just end up confused and annoyed.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: that’s presenting the collection of cards and World Mission does one thing well. All those cards has some wonderful artwork and collecting them can be addicting. You can also create your own cards from the Card Creation mode using artwork and things you win in conflicts. You may create your own assignments and upload them online for others to play. I’ve played with some of these matches and some of them are more fun than some of the Story Mode struggles.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is intended for a very niche audience and does translate the very best to console and PC coming from an Arcade Game. Personally, I feel the game would have been better value if it was Free-to-play instead of releasing in a $60 cost. World Mission has tons of articles plus a decent bout system but it’s difficult for someone besides Dragon Ball series enthusiasts to get decent enjoyment in the game.

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