Fallout 76 Power Armor Location: Where To Get Every Fallout 76 Power Armor?


Fallout 76 includes a lot of different kinds of Power Armor. You can use this manual to locate Fallout 76 Acculturate, X-01, Prototype T-60, X-01, T51b, T45, Excavator & Raider.

If you want to use the Fallout 76 world map for reference, here it is in untouched format, and you can also view it coordinated by zones and level range. The power armor this time will ask that you have a degree before they can be equipped by you. There are a couple methods using which you can get them, including quests, crafting and scavenging round the map.

Fallout 76 Power Armor Location: Where To Get Every Fallout 76 Power Armor?
Fallout 76 Power Armor Location: Where To Get Every Type Of Power Armor?

Falloutt 76 Ultracite, Excavator And X-01 Power Armor Location

For the Excavator energy armor, refer to this manual to get your hands on it as early as you can. For the rest, by randomly scavenging the wasteland, they are tied into a pursuit and won’t be found.


As soon as you finish the Enclave quest line x-01 power armor schematics are given. Electricity armor is a reward for the Brotherhood of Steel questline. Finally for the Excavator power system, you can get it out of”Garrahan’s Mining Headquarters” in the Ash Heap area.

Fallout 76 T-60, T51b and T45 Power Armor Location

By drifting around the wasteland these power armors are ordinarily found. Here’s a helpful list of places to search for T-60, T51b and T45 power armor in Fallout 76. You may find most of them in Ash Heap area or Cranberry Bog. The Forest is recommended at the beginning since it will be perfect and has the lowest degree range.

You can find one Raider Power armor in Toxic Valley in Clarksburg. There are available in The Forest and Savage divide. It’s far simpler to get them by checking out this useful spreadsheet.

Now, that you own a power armor, what about their degree demands, or their limits when upgrading stats. Fortunately, we have you covered on this article: Fallout 76 Power Armor Stats For Ultracite, X-01, Prototype X-01, T-60, T51b, T45, Excavator & Raider.

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