Destiny 2: How To Unlock Outbreak Perfected Mission Zero Hour


To start the Quest you must pick up the”Fallen Transpnder” wich are found on Titan in The Rig.

If you cannot get this room, be sure you have finished the campaign & Rat King pursuit (Enemy of my enemy) on Titan. The door will not open if you haven’t completed the world quest”Enemy of my Enemy“.

Speak to the hiding in the basement after you’ve completed all the Node Data Locations you have to visit the farm. This starts the assignment.

In the movie below you can see the actions you need to do, such as timestamps.


Note Data Locations Outbreak Perfected Mission “Zero Hour”

00:00 – Fallen Transponder from Titan: The Rig
01:16 – 6 Nodes from Lost Sectors
01:24 – EDZ: Widow’s Walk – Node Data Location
02:05 – EDZ: Atrium – Node Data Location
02:45 – EDZ: The Drain – Node Data Location
03:35 – EDZ: Whispered Falls – Node Data Location
04:09 – Nessus: The Rift – Node Data Location
05:09 – Nessus: The Carrion Pit – Node Data Location

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