GTA Online: Get $ 51,000 in 2 minutes for this race


Back in GTA Online the time trial”Los Santos International Airport” is busy (LSIA). That can bring you 51,000 GTA bucks . We are going to explain how you can win the race.

How can you win the cash? The time trial can be found on the public map of GTA Online. It is only a race, not a style or anything like this. You have to drive to the beginning point on the map.

You receive the prize, if it is made by you within the specified time. However, time is tight, a single accident can cost you a victory.

Which race is active? The time trial”Los Santos International Airport” is active. You need to finish the course at a maximum of 1:43.40 minutes. One win brings you a GTA bucks.
So you win the race”Los Santos airport” at GTA Online

The path : This race involves a space of about 5 kilometers. For the most part, you drive along a street that’s quite busy.

We’ve marked the path for the race


gta online los santos time trial

The starting point is at the top exit of the parking garage at the airport. After the start you have to jump over a ramp, then drive towards the finish.

Be careful with the traffic and give gas, below you can find a video about how the race can be completed in the given time.

GTA Online Time Trial – LSIA (Under Par Time)

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