In RAGE two you will find several cheats which you may utilize to make the game easier or simply to have fun. A number of these codes are a part of the editions of this sport, others you obtain by playing with Rage 2.

Codes in RAGE two are humorous and strange. A number of them are useless in battle but provide a gaming experience that is different. Cheats in RAGE two are made available to each player through the Wasteland Wizard.

This manual is under construction! We’re currently working on cheats and the solutions!

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RAGE 2 Cheat Codes Liste

Cheat Effect Unlocks
He’s On Fire Voice Actor Tim Kitzrow voices over your moves Pre-Order the Game
Git Gud Enemies go down in one hit
Son of Thor Enemies get electrocuted when they get close
Klegg Support Summons Klegg Clayton as AI companion
Phoenix Rejector Seat Players get left on the ground as the Phoenix flies into the air
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