Fortnite: Paradise Palms Treasure Map Signpost & Treasure Map X Location Guide


Fortnite: Hunt the treasure map signpost located in Paradise Palms: In this informative article, we will explain about this week’s Fortnite Challenge.

This job is divided into two steps, in the very first round you need to visit Paradise Palms and discover the treasure map signpost, at the 2nd find the treasure and you have to browse the treasure map.

A synopsis of challenges of the 8th Week (S8) can be found here.
Find the treasure and the treasure map signpost


In the video below you can view the locations, the signpost and the treasure itself.

So go to Paradise Palms and head down the alley behind the Keyboard King Store to find the treasure map. Locate the Map to finish Phase 1 of the Treasure Map Challenge. For level 2, you must go to where the X is on the treasure map.

The X is in the end of the runway in Frosty Flights. You’ll find the Battle Star where the X is.

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