The Division 2: Unlock Nemesis Exotic Sniper – That’s how it works


Within this guide we would like to inform you just how you can acquire the exotic SMG Nemesis at The Division two . Nemesis is a sniper rifle that’s offered at the world tier 5. It is timed. It’ll take you to receive the components. To begin the search, Tidal Basin Stronghold is world tier 5, either higher or regular.

Catch the Black Tusk card that is primary and start the room. Decompose the SR-1 weapon and you receive the sniper rifle’s first portion.

Below you can find video tutorials on all parts!

  • Klutz = Boss of invaded District Union Arena stronghold
  • Shorty = Boss of invaded Roosevelt Island stronghold
  • Prime = Boss of invaded Capitol Building stronghold

The timed part is that every week only one fortress is available for invasions. Currently (04/05/2019) it is the invaded fortress Capitol Building (Prime). So, look at your week which Invasion Fortress is active.



Nemesis Exotic Sniper Part 1


Nemesis Exotic Sniper Part 2


Nemesis Exotic Sniper Part 3


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