Modern Warfare 2019 – Play Dead Trophy Guide


In Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) you will find a few trophies you’ll be able to unlock. You have to unlock all decorations, if you would like to reach the platinum trophy. Inside This guide, we want to explain you that the following task:

  • Play Dead
    Kill all the enemies in the ‘Embedded’ field of dead bodies.

Here’s an overview of all the trophies and achievements in our Modern Warfare (2019) Trophy Guide.

Companion Block – Modern Warfare

You can unlock this trophy in Mission 3, Embedded.


If you blew up the two helicopters with C4 you have to follow Farah. She will then lie down on a field with many bodies and ask you to do the same, so as not to be discovered by the enemy. You can not do that!

You have to eliminate all enemies, opposite you see a door, there the first opponents will storm out. Should you also play the trophy “Companion Block“, you must not forget to pick up the cinder block again!

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