The Surge 2 Trophy Guide, Tips and Collectibles


From the PS4 match The Surge two it is possible to unlock a total of 48 trophies. Inside this Trophy Guide we show you the decorations and their actions.

Below you will find hints, as well as all the decorations, tactics and ideas. You will find everything! First you will get a table using a brief summary. Secondly you find a detailed list of descriptions, trophies, Trophy Guides and much more!

More Guides and News about The Surge 2 you’ll discover on our review page. Orange marked decorations are connected with a detailed and different manual!

Trophies List The Surge 2

Estimated time for platinum:
Total Trophies: 48 (1,3,8,36)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs 1

The Surge 2 Trophy Guide

Useful Tips and Guides:

  • All Audio Logs Locations


this guide is under construction and will be expanded soon!


  • The Surge 2
    Unlocked all trophies
  • Reborn
    Be purified by Athena, cleansed of all imperfections.
  • Hello Darkness My Old Friend
    Be transformed by Athena into a dark avenger, ready to reshape the world.
  • Gotta Craft ’em All
    Crafted 20 Gear Sets
  • Denying Prophecy
    Defeated Archangel Eli
  • Defense in Depth
    Upgraded all gear pieces in a set to maximum level
  • Full Arsenal
    Collected 50 weapons
  • High Performance
    Received a special reward from a boss
  • Triplets
    Defeated all Delver Echoes
  • Remote Surgery
    Cut off each limb of a humanoid enemy using your drone
  • Swiss Army Drone
    Acquired all combat drone modules
  • Risk Tolerant
    Killed a boss while carrying 30,000 Tech Scrap
  • A Little Banged Up
    Survived the plane crash in NG+
  • Jailbreak
    Defeated Warden Garcia

    Warden Garcia is the second intermediate opponent (After Nitro). If you defeat him, the trophy will be unlocked. You can not miss this task.

  • Dead Again
    Defeated Brother Eli twice
  • Overheated
    Defeated Little Johnny
  • Studied The Blade
    Defeated Captain Cervantes
  • Home Invasion
    Defeated Delver
  • Court Martial
    Defeated Major General Ezra Shields
  • Mommy Dearest
    Defeated Matriarch Celeste
  • Bad Dog
    Defeated H.A.R.O.L.D
  • Corrupted Beauty
    Defeated Goddess Helena
  • Reverse Engineering
    Killed a Gideon’s Rock statue with its own weapon
  • Own Medicine
    Killed a Delver Echo with the Helix of the Delver or Helix of the Delver V2.0
  • It Lives! It Sniffs! It Conquers
    Equipped the IRONMAUS set and the Justice of the Ironmaus weapon
  • Following In Their Footsteps
    Collected 10 Strange Visions
  • True Survivor
    Met Warren
  • Marked For Success
    Upgraded a weapon to maximum level
  • Stimulating The Local Economy
    Spent 50,000 tech scrap at vendors
  • Offensive Defense
    Performed directional blocks on 30 enemies
    Killed an enemy with a headshot

    You should unlock this trophy automatically, we have sent our drone (triangle) to an opponent and the task was done.

  • Rigged And Ready
    Acquired an Exo-Rig
  • Clean Cut
    Cut an enemy’s limb with the follow-up to a backstab kick
  • Powered Up
    Reached Core Power 50
  • Where It All Began
    Revisited the Detention Center
  • Shocking
    Used the EMP-44 ‘Starfish’ on an enemy
  • Sleeping With The Fishes
    Drowned an enemy in deep water
  • Can’t Trust Banks
    Carried 100,000 Techscrap
  • Luminary
    Met Guttenberg
  • Don’t I Know You…?
    Helped Benjamin Burke

    This trophy will be unlocked automatically. You must defeat Nitro, grab the exo rig and then you can free Benjamin from the cell.

  • Three Birds With One Stone
    Killed 3 enemies at once using the homing missile
  • Suited and Booted
    Equipped a full gear set
  • Sorry, Didn’t See You There
    Killed a cloaked Hunter
  • What A Catchy Song
    Activated the Ops Center in the CREO Institute of Technology
  • Counter-Sniper
    Killed all enemies operating sniper turrets
  • It’s a Trap
    Disabled a A.I.D. checkpoint scanner gate without triggering its alarm.
  • Unforeseeable Consequences
    Discovered the Utopia rocket crash site
  • Geronimo!
    Fell into the Underground
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