Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Trophy Guide and Roadmap


From the PS4 game Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled it is possible to unlock a total of 48 trophies. Inside this Trophy Guide we show you the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find the trophies, as well as hints, tactics and ideas. You will find everything related to the decorations! First you will get a table. Secondly you find a thorough list of descriptions all trophies, Trophy Guides and more!

More Guides and News about Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled you will find on our review page. Orange mar-ked decorations are connected with a in depth and different guide!

Trophies List Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Estimated time for platinum: around 40 Hours
Total Trophies: 48 (1,2,10,35)
Offline trophies: 48
Online trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Minimum Playthroughs 2 recommended (Adventure Mode)


First of all – Play through the Adventure Mode

Before you look around and try to unlock secrets or solve challenges – play adventure mode once on easy. After that you have to play the adventure mode on hard, the option of the difficulty did not exist in the original!

Adventure Mode also has Relic Trials and CTR Challenges on 20 different tracks. Once you play the game lightly you get a feel for the controls and get to know the tracks. This is very important if you want to unlock all the trophies, because then you have to play the whole thing in Hard difficulty mode.

Recommended Character for Adventure Mode: Speed Class like Tiny Tiger, Dingodile or Penta Penguin.

You have to win 4 races in each world to challenge the respective boss:

  • N.Sanity Beach Tracks – Crash Cove, Roo’s Tubes, Sewer Speedway, Mystery Caves
  • The Lost Ruins – Coco Park, Tiger Temple, Papu’s Pyramid, Dingo Canyon
  • Glacier Park – Blizzard Bluff, Dragon Mines, Polar Pass, Tiny Arena
  • Citadel City – N.Gin Labs, Cortex Castle, Hot Air SkywayOxide Station


Helpful Guides:

  • All Letter Locations – CTR Challenges


This trophy guide is under construction and will be added soon!


CTR Nitro-Fueled Trophy Guide


  • Woah!
    Earn all the other trophies.
  • Galaxy’s Fastest
    Defeat Nitros Oxide in the Adventure Mode once and for all.
  • Gasmoxian Slug
    Beat all of Nitros Oxide’s times in Time Trial Mode.
  • Interstellar Challenge
    Win against Nitros Oxide in the Adventure Mode.
  • Relic Collector
    Earn all the Relics in the Adventure Mode.

    Ride on a track you have already won and select the relic race. This is a time trial mode where you have to break boxes to stop the time for a few seconds. Beat the time requirement to unlock the relic.. You only need the lowest relic (sapphire) on each track. The gold / platinum relics are NOT needed!

  • Gem Collector
    Earn all the Gems in the Adventure Mode.
  • Token Collector
    Earn all the CTR Tokens in the Adventure Mode.

    You must find the letters in all CTR challenges and win, here we show you all the locations of all tracks.

  • Master Drifter
    Successfully use all three Turbo Boost charges 5 times in a row during a race.
  • Yeeee HAW!
    Complete the Adventure Mode on the Hard difficulty.
  • The New Time-Master
    Beat all of Nefarious Tropy’s times in Time Trial Mode.
  • Nitrostalgia
    Finish first on all tracks. (CTR & CNK)
  • Unstoppable
    Sustain your boost for a whole lap.

    The combination of power-slide turbo, turbo pads and turbo power-ups, you have to keep your exhaust on fire for a whole round. The easiest route is Coco Park.

  • Is everyone here?
    Unlock all characters from the original roster.
  • Off to a Good Start
    Win your first race in the Adventure Mode.

    This trophy will unlock automatically.

  • Crazier than the Ripper
    Win against Ripper Roo in the Adventure Mode.


    To unlock Ripper Roo you have to win Crash Cove, Roo’s Tube, Sewer Speedway and Mystery Caves. Ripper Roo will be placing TNT boxes all the time, avoiding them to defeat him.

  • Me Fast, You Slow
    Win against Papu Papu in the Adventure Mode.

    To unlock Papu you need to win Papu’s Pyramid, Coco Park, Tiger Temple and Dingo Canyon.

  • Komodone
    Win against Komodo Joe in the Adventure Mode.
  • Why don’t you get a job?
    Win against PinStripe in the Adventure Mode.
  • Arena Explorer
    Complete a Crystal Challenge in the Adventure Mode.
  • Spare Change
    Win a CTR challenge in the Adventure Mode.

    CTR races become available after you win a level. You have to find the three letters C T R and win the race.

  • Sprinter
    Win a Relic Race in the Adventure Mode.
  • Booyah, Grandma!
    Win a Cup Race in the Adventure Mode.
  • Photo Finish
    Win a race with less than 0.3 seconds between you and the second place.
  • BOOM!
    Hit two opponents with a single Bowling Bomb.
  • Super Boost!
    Do a Super Boost.
  • Expert Dodger
    Win a boss challenge without getting hit by any of the boss’ Power-Ups.
  • Drifter
    Drift 15 Times in a row during a race.

    This task is not particularly difficult, use R1 and the left stick to drift.

  • Burning Rubber!
    Drift Boost a total of 500 times.
  • Hyper Speed
    Finish first when you were last on the final lap.
  • Rear-viewed
    Block an incoming missile with all of the following Power-Ups: Beaker, Crate, Bowling Bomb.
  • Natural
    Win a race without using any Power-Ups.

    This trophy will unlock automatically.

  • Can’t Hide From Me
    Successfully land all three missiles from a Triple Missile Power-Up.
  • Weapon Technician
    Use every Power-Up once. (Race & Battle Arena)
  • Dungeon Vaulter
    Use the shortcut in Cortex Castle.

    We’ll show you where to find this shortcut and how to drive it best, right here.

  • Arctic Hurdler
    Use the shortcut in Polar Pass.

    We’ll show you where to find this shortcut and how to drive it best, right here.

  • Winter Time Off-Roading
    Use all of Blizzard Bluff’s shortcuts in the same race.

    We’ll show you where to find this shortcut and how to drive it best, right here.

  • Pyramid Parkour
    Use all of Papu’s Pyramid’s shortcuts in the same race.
  • Puddle Hopper
    Use the shortcut in Crash Cove.
  • Half-Pipe Karting
    Use the shortcut in Sewer Speedway.
  • Let me in!
    Use the shortcut in Tiger Temple.
  • Minekarting
    Use the shortcut in Dragon Mines without being crushed.
  • I know the way!
    Earn all the shortcut trophies.
  • Juiced Up!
    Use all Juiced Up Power-Ups once. (Race & Battle Arena)
  • The Dominator!
    Win a match in every type of Battle Mode.
  • Get off me!
    Free yourself from a TNT crate.
  • Alchemist
    Directly hit an opponent with a thrown Beaker Power-Up.
  • That’s How I Roll
    Customize your ride.

    After the first few races you will get new parts for your kart, then go into the pause menu and select adjustments and then karts. Now, assemble new tires or change your livery to unlock this trophy.

  • Oh, Shiny!
    Complete all Crystal Challenges. (CTR & CNK)
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