Darksiders 3 Keepers of the Void: DLC Trophies Guide


Darksiders 3 got the expansion“Keepers of the Void” donated. With this extension additionally Client Patch 1.11 was released and 5 fresh prizes and accomplishments.

In this article we would like to show you these 5 decorations. Below you will find all the new decorations as well as their requirements. In case you’ve completed the DLC, you ought to have unlocked all of 5 fresh decorations mechanically.


Keepers of the Void DLC Trophies

  • Keeper of Colossal Automata
    Defeat Void Defender Construct
  • Keeper of the Bonfire
    Finish Flame Wing
  • Keeper of the Sky
    Finish Storm Wing
  • Keeper of the Vale
    Finish Force Wing
  • Keeper of the Tempo
    Finish Stasis Wing
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