RAGE 2 Trophy Guide and Roadmap


From the PS4 match RAGE 2 you can unlock a total of 44 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we show you all of the decorations and their actions.

Below you will find the decorations, in addition to hints, tactics and tips. You will find everything related to the decorations! First you will find a table. Secondly you find a list of descriptions all trophies, Trophy Guides and more!

More Guides and News about RAGE two you will find on our review page. Orange marked trophies are linked using a separate and in depth guide!

Trophies List RAGE 2

Estimated time for platinum: 20 – 40 hours
Total Trophies: 44 (1,2,17,24)
Offline trophies: 44
Online trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 1 – Crushed
Minimum Playthroughs 1


RAGE 2 Trophy Guide


Of course, in Rage 2 there are also some collectible trophies that you need to unlock the Platinum Trophy. These objects include:

  • Spy Drones
  • Balloons
  • Arks


This trophy guide is under construction and will be added soon!


  • Post-Post-Apocalyptic Poster Child
    Collect all other trophies
  • Overly driven
    Reach an Overdrive multiplier of 10

    To play this task you need the “Unlocked Overdrive Multiplier”. Look in the menu under Projects and Basic category, there you have to unlock this ability. A good opportunity to unlock this trophy is in the arena, you will automatically get there in the course of the “Badlands Celebrity” mission.

  • Mata Hari Manners
    Destroy 30 Spy Drones
  • Efficiency
    Use the Assault Rifle to kill 5 enemies in a row without reloading

    You can do this task right at the beginning of the game right after you get the assault rifle. The opponents in the next area are weak and can be eliminated with a few shots. Aim on their head and do not invite.

  • Hyper-Express
    Kill 2 enemies with the same shot using the Hyper-Cannon

    You will receive the Hyper-Cannon from the Greenhaven Ark in the Wilderness region. It is basically a railgun that fires a beam that can penetrate multiple enemies. If you received this weapon, you only have to kill 2 enemies with one shot at a time.

  • Postmodern Picasso
    Rupture a total of 200 enemies using the Rocket Launcher

    The (intelligent) rocket launcher is obtained from the strongbox Ark in the Torn Plains region. This rocket launcher can either fire contact missiles or capture multiple targets while holding L2 to fire a salvo of multiple missiles. For this trophy, you must kill 200 enemies with the Rocket Launcher.

  • Pseudo Post-Mortem
    Kill 3 enemies within 10 seconds after restoring all health with the Defibrillation
  • Off With Their Heads
    Headshot a total of 100 enemies using the Wingstick
  • Zipper
    Kill 13 enemies while riding ziplines
  • The Bigger They Are…
    Kill 7 Abadon Mutant Crushers

    These enemies only appear in certain locations, here we show you their spawning points.

  • Hot Potato
    Reflect an enemy’s grenade
  • Goon De-leet
    Kill 1337 Goons
  • Peek-a-boo
    Kill a cloaked Shrouded enemy
  • The Enemy Of My Enemy
    Kill an enemy that is trying to kill an enemy

    This task will be solved automatically during the game, we unlocked the trophy after we lifted the first roadblock. After we crossed the blockade we were able to eliminate enemies on the street who were about to kill others.

  • Bytesize Takedown
    Destroy 128 Vehicles while driving the Phoenix
  • Crushed
    Kill an Abadon Mutant Crusher with the Phoenix

    These enemies only appear in certain locations, here we show you their spawning points.

  • Hangtime
    Jump over 100 meters with a ground vehicle
  • Acid House
    Complete the Torn Plains Race under 3:03
  • Dozing
    Scoop up an enemy with the Dumper Truck
  • Can’t Stop Pop
    Pop 17 Balloons
  • Unloaded
    Shoot 70 bullets within 16 seconds using the Assault Rifle

    You can do this task right at the beginning of the game right after you get the assault rifle. Hold the trigger of the assault rifle to empty a magazine. Then load the magazine again and empty the next magazine to shoot a total of 70 bullets.

  • Skeet Shooting
    Hit an airborne enemy with the Shotgun’s Slug Shot

    To unlock this trophy you need the Combat Shotgun. You will get these in the Blackout Mission (Marshall in Gunbarrel), in the sewer you will find an ark in which this weapon can be found. After completing the tutorial, you can complete this task. At the end of the mission, there is a place where you can do that. The last room with the valve and the switches has a bridge that runs between the two switches and has a gap in the middle. Did you defeat Boss, some mutants appear. Go to the bridge and to the opposite side of the mutants. Wait until one jumps over the gap in the middle and shoots while in the air to unlock the trophy.

    Use Dash Strike kick to kill 10 enemies

    To unlock this trophy, you must first purchase the “Dash Strike” upgrade for the Dash ability. You’ll need 500 Feltrits to unlock the second level of the Dash ability in the Nanotrites menu, and then upgrade to the second level bonus with an upgrade Nanotrite Booster. Once you unlock it, use this ability and kill a total of 10 enemies.

  • Come on and Slam!
    Crush 50 enemies using Slam
  • Explosive Ending
    Kill an enemy with a Turret Drone explosion
  • Gonevoy
    Take down 1 Convoy Leader
  • On The Limit
    Maintain top speed for 10 seconds with the Raptor
  • Over 9000
    Drive over 9000 meters
  • Off Balance
    Knock 19 bikers off their bikes with the Phoenix’s Dodge
  • Goon Fire
    Blow up a Goon with the Goon tank Booma
  • The Ranger
    Complete mission: The Ranger

    This trophy unlocks automatically, it’s the first mission you play.

  • Blackout
    Complete mission: Blackout

    This trophy will unlock automatically – Marshall in Gunbarrel.

  • The Signal
    Complete mission: The Signal
  • Wasteland Celebrity
    Complete mission: Wasteland Celebrity
  • Beneath the Surface
    Complete mission: Beneath the Surface
  • Ground Control
    Complete mission: Ground Control
  • Double Cross
    Complete mission: Double Cross
  • Project Dagger
    Complete mission: Project Dagger
  • A Noah Lot
    Complete 5 Arks
  • The Bowels of a Rust Giant
    Venture inside the Dune Sea EcoPod

    Here we show you all locations.

  • Forlorn Watcher
    Travel to the summit of the Broken Tract EcoPod

    Here we show you all locations.

  • Sunken Hope
    Visit the Wetlands EcoPod

    Here we show you all locations.

  • Reaching out to the Past
    Traverse the bridge to the EcoPod in the Wilds

    Here we show you all locations.

  • Wasteland Vagabond
    Visit every Trade Coalition settlement
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