Trover Saves the Universe Trophy Guide & Tips


From the PS4 game Trover simplifies the Universe you can unlock a total of 24 trophies. Inside this Trophy Guide we show you all of the trophies and their actions.

Below you will find hints, in addition to all the decorations, tactics and tips. You will definitely find everything regarding the trophies here! You will get a table with a short overview. Secondly you find a list of descriptions, all trophies, Trophy Guides and much more!

More Guides and News about Trover Saves the Universe you’ll discover on our review page. Orange marked trophies are linked with a in depth and separate guide!

Trophies List Trover Saves the Universe

Estimated time for platinum: 8 – 10 Hours
Total Trophies: 24 (1,7,10,6)
Offline trophies: 33
Online trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Minimum Playthroughs 1


Trover Saves the Universe Trophy Guide


This trophy guide is under construction and will be added soon!


  • Platinum Trophy (Thanks for your money suckers)
    Do everything. Now go preorder Trover 2, you little popsicle stick.
  • Instant Clone Soup
    Collect the clone DNA in under 10 minutes. That’s it? That’s all they have to do? Man, we’re just giving these things away.

    Location: World Shroomia. Before you return to the pod in Shroomia you have to collect the DNA of a clone with the glass bowl. To collect the DNA, place the bowl next to each tent and hold your enemies within the white circle. When enemies are killed in it, they are sucked from the bowl.

  • Daddy Gotta Eat!
    Instead of feeding the poor, feed Gail’s roommate in under 5 minutes!
  • No Winners In This Game!
    Beat Glorkon without getting killed by anyone… Including me. That’s right, I’ve been hunting you.
  • Final Upgrade!
    You got the final upgrade! You’re all sticky, like a popsicle stick!
  • You Actually Did It?!
    What the hell is the matter with you?! You actually made 100 baskets?! What are you a sociopath?! How long did this take you?!
  • Worst Guest Ever
    You did it! You killed every killable NPC! You’re certified, psychopathic killer! Someone should probably call the police…
  • The Ultimate Happy Ending
    Collect all Power Babies in the game. Then prepare to have your shnudler ringled!
    Bounce a ball 25 times in the apartment, because apparently that’s more fun than the actual game.

    Location: World Chairorpia. When you have the first dream sequence behind you, you will come to the house of Chairorpian. There you will find some toys on the floor, including a pink ball that is identical to the trophy icon. Just use R2 25 times on the ball to unlock this trophy.

  • Pet Cemetery
    Kill all of Tony’s pets… I’m tired of them pooping on my lawn.

    Location: World Shleemy. You have to go to the waterfalls in Shleemy World, there you talk to Tony, the Upgrade vendor. He has a task for you, you should kill some enemies. If you complete your task you will receive the upgrade Double Jump / Hover. The trophy will pop once Tony stops telling you where to get off.

  • You Almost Solved It! Keep Going!
    Press the buttons on the Puzzle Tree over 50 times, ’cause you don’t know how to listen, you cute little popsicle stick.
  • Clone on Clone Crime
    Let the two arguing clones kill each other and then don’t report it… This isn’t game for snitches!
  • Don’t Get Dooped
    Escape Doopy without putting boxes in the garage, because charity work is lame and you’re not lame. You’re a cool little popsicle stick, aren’t you?
  • WE <3 MURDER
    Kill every villager. That’s right, we celebrate violence! What do you think about that mom and dad?!
  • It’s A Video Game, Kill Something!
    Don’t kill any villagers, because God forbid you do something out of the ordinary!
  • Here’s Donny!
    Witness Donny’s death, then write an essay about it for your college application.
  • Trover ****s the Universe
    You beat the game! You can die a happy now, you slimy, little popsicle stick.
  • Bet You Can’t Make 100
    You made 10 baskets, now make 100! Come on, what else do you gotta do today?
  • Jesus, Are You Still Listening To This?
    Listen to the entirety of Pop Up’s introduction, and ignore the homeless man being murdered outside your door.
  • Here’s a damn trophy, now stop killing me!
    Jump Trover into the Acid Lake 5 times. How is this even a trophy?
  • That went well…
    Glorkon mixed the world! Wait, they get a trophy for that? It’s just a cut scene. They didn’t do anything… God, this is so dumb.
  • Really? This Game’s Not That Good
    Replay the game, instead of getting a real job.
  • You Didn’t Have To Do That
    You killed a NPC. That’s gonna affect the whole game! That’s right, your actions have consequences this game!
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