Devil May Cry 5: The Quick and the Dead – Trophy Guide


In this guide we will disclose how to open the accompanying Devil May Cry 5 Trophy/Achievement:

strong>The Quick and the Dead

Thrashing 5 adversaries in 1 second.

Need assistance with another trophy in DMC 5? View the game in our trophies control.

DMC5 – Defeat 5 adversaries in 1 second

This errand should as of now be possible in Mission 2. Play on “Human” or “Paradise or Hell” trouble and ensure you’ve prepared the Devil Breaker Helter Skelter before you start the mission.


Murder the initial 3 adversaries, at that point 5 additional foes will show up. Keep them near you, keep Circle with Helter Skelter to kill them all simultaneously. In paradise or heck, all beyond words one hit. For “Human” you need to debilitate it a piece from the outset.

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