Devil May Cry 5: Who Needs Weapons Anyway – Trophy Guide


DMC5 – Mission 11, without a weapon set

First you need to complete the game in the “Child of Sparda” trouble level, at that point you need to play the trouble level “Dante Must Die”.

On the off chance that you played the game on “Child of Sparda”, Dante’s expertise “Unpredictable Full Custom” will be opened. This ability would then be able to purchase for 100 red circles in the shop. With it you can totally expel all weapons.

However, there is an issue, you can not assault with your uncovered clench hands. So you need to play the game on “Dante Must Die” again to open the “Super Dante” ensemble, which gives you a vast “Fiend Trigger”.


In the event that you have the game on “Dante Must Die”, do the accompanying:

  • Load Mission 11 on human difficulty
  • Choose the “Super Dante” costume
  • Buy the “Irregular Full Custom” skill
  • Drop all swords and weapons in the shop
  • Press R1 / R2 on mission screen to go to empty weapons preset
  • Start the mission. Hold L1 to activate the devil form. Use it to destroy all Blood Clots and kill all the enemies on your way.
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