Far Cry New Dawn: All Dear Photograph Locations – Trophy Guide


Long ways New Dawn has 9 Dear Photograph Locations. Discovering every one of them opens the “Previously” trophy/accomplishment.

A total manual for all trophies can be discovered right here.

Dear Photograph Locations – A Thousand Words

Get the Travey’s Shoebox in Prosperity and you can begin this side strategic A Thousand Words. Generally speaking, you’ll have to discover nine positions and match them with Tracy’s photographs.

When you are near a position, the spot with the camera is set apart on the guide, you will locate a little table with a camera on it. At the point when you go to the camera and press the D-Pad up, you move the image to the correct position.


You can open the areas of all photographs by obtaining the Map from Prosperity Cartography Station (in the wake of enrolling Bean).

In addition to other things, you get an aptitude point for each right photograph.

#1 – 00:00
#2 – 00:45
#3 – 01:34
#4 – 02:10
#5 – 02:46
#6 – 03:48
#7 – 04:33
#8 – 05:10
#9 – 06:05 – The last one you can only find if you have cleared the bliss and New Eden is unlocked

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