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In the PS4 Game Devil May Cry 5 it is possible to unlock a total of 49 trophies. Inside this Trophy Guide we show you the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all the trophies, in addition to hints, tactics and guides. You will surely find everything regarding the trophies here! You will get a table. Second you find a detailed list of Trophy Guides, descriptions, trophies and much more!

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Trophies Devil May Cry 5

Estimated time for platinum: around 60 Hours
Total Trophies: 49 (1,3,5,40)
Offline trophies: 49
Online trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Minimum Playthroughs 6


Devil May Cry 5 Trophy Guide

Without the level of difficulty “Hell and Hell” you can earn about 82% trophies, but you need about 30 hours for that. If you want to unlock the Platinum Trophy, it’s hard to say how long it will take. In addition, you must repeat the s-ranks for all other difficulties except “Heaven or Hell“.

Difficulties / modes:

  • Human: Enemies have 100% health and 100% damage
  • Devil Hunter: Enemies have 200% health and 200% damage = Son of Sparda unlocked
  • Son of Sparda: Enemies have 400% health and 400% damage. Enemies attack much faster. New enemies appear. Unlocked “Dante Must Die” and the “Irregular Full Custom” ability for Dante.
  • Dante Must Die: Enemies have 800% health and 800% damage. Enemies are very aggressive and the opposing groups are free as in Son of Sparda = Turns “Heaven and Hell“, “Hell and Hell” and Infinite Devil Trigger costumes
  • Heaven or Hell: You and your opponents die immediately with a hit
  • Hell and Hell: You die with a hit. Control points are disabled. Only 3 revivals per mission. The enemies are based on Son Sparda (400% Health).


Human – Grab all the Orbs and the secret missions

In the first step on the way to platinum you should play the game on the lowest difficulty level “Human“. When you have finished this mode, the next one will be unlocked with “Son of Sparda“.

Collect all collectibles:

  • 12 Secret Missions
  • 32 Blue Orb Fragments
  • 8 Violet Bullet Fragments


  • Devil May Cry
    Unlock all trophies.
  • Highway to Hell
    Complete the game on Hell and Hell mode.
  • Well I’ll Be Damned
    Wield overwhelming power to exact an unexpected conclusion.

    You receive this trophy for seeing the secret end in the prologue. To trigger the secret end, defeat Urizen, the boss in the prologue. This happens automatically in the difficulty level “Heaven or Hell”. In this mode, all enemies die in a single hit, including this boss.

  • Worthy of Legend
    Clear all missions with S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell.
  • Dance with the Devil
    Complete the game on Dante Must Die mode.
  • Stairway to Heaven
    Complete the game on Heaven or Hell mode.
  • Secrets Exposed
    Clear all secret missions.

    There a total of 12 secret mission, here we show you all missions and solutions.

  • Hell of a Hunter
    Clear all missions with S rank.

    You must complete all 20 missions + prologue with an S rank. The easiest way is to do this in heaven or hell. In this difficulty, all opponents die in a hit. Just use your pistols to kill everything right away. That makes it easy not to die.

  • Jackpot!
    Collect more than 1,000,000 Red Orbs total.

    If you played the game 2 times, you have collected enough red balls.

  • Let’s Rock!
    Complete the game on Human mode.
  • Showtime!
    Complete the game on Devil Hunter mode.
  • Doing Daddy Proud
    Complete the game on Son of Sparda mode.
  • Fall from Grace
    Clear the Prologue Mission.
  • Protect the People
    Defeat all enemies in Mission 01.

    There is only one “hidden” enemy in Mission 01. After drop down the broken bridge, turn around immediately. There is a red mantis guarding a fragment of a blue ball. Kill her. The rest of the enemies should not be overlooked.

  • Where the Red Orbs Grow
    Collected Red Orbs from an unexpected spot in Mission 02.
  • Reunion
    Clear Mission 03.
  • Backroad
    Destroy a certain wall in Mission 04.

    In Mission 4, after the Train Bridge, you will enter combat, a tutorial on how to use Devil Trigger Buffs. This is where you have to destroy a Wall with Nightmare. Here we show you a video about it.

  • Break a Leg
    Fend off a menace from above in Mission 05.
  • End of the Line
    Clear Mission 06.
  • Share the Pain
    Clear Mission 07 with both Nero and V.
  • Light in the Darkness
    Clear Mission 08.
  • Eagle-Eyed
    Destroy a certain wall in Mission 09.
  • This Ain’t Over
    Clear Mission 10.
  • Don’t Mess with the Best
    Use proper timing to get a leg up in a close-quarters battle against the boss in Mission 11.
  • The Qliphoth
    Clear Mission 12.
  • Each In His Own Way
    Clear Mission 13 with Nero, V, and Dante.
  • Gotta Hurry
    Clear Mission 14.
  • Slick Moves
    Proceed with caution and avoid unneeded damage in Mission 15.
  • Obedience Training
    Go on the offensive without relying on brute force in the Mission 16 boss battle.
  • Back to Life
    Clear Mission 17.
  • Man on a Mission
    Clear Mission 18.
  • Battle for the Ages
    Clear Missions 19 and 20 without using continues (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell).
  • Not Too Shabby
    Perform a Stylish Rank S combo.
  • Steppin’ up the Style
    Perform a Stylish Rank SS combo.
  • Seriously Stylish Slaying!
    Perform a Stylish Rank SSS combo.
  • The Quick and the Dead
    Defeat 5 enemies in 1 second.

    This trophy can already be unlocked in mission 2, as the working shows how you guys.

  • I Believe I Can Fly
    Rack up a total of 60 minutes in the air by jumping or other means.

    This trophy should be unlocked automatically.

  • Nothing’s Impossible
    Acquire all of Nero’s skills.
  • Be the Legend
    Acquire all of Dante’s skills.
  • Demon Breeder
    Acquire all of V’s skills.
  • Physical Perfection
    Upgrade your vitality gauge to max.
  • The Devil’s Own
    Upgrade your Devil Trigger Gauge to max.
  • A New Job
    Accept a new job from Morrison after the Red Grave incident.
  • Demon Destroyer
    Defeat 1,000 enemies total.

    If you played the game twice, you should have defeat enough enemies.

  • Rearm and Repeat
    Collect more than 100 Devil Breakers during missions.

    This can be done via checkpoint reboot, preferably in mission 15. Play until you reach the first Divinity Statue in the mission. Go behind the Divinity Statue and you will receive a short cutscene of a blue ball fragment on a mountain. In this section you will find 7 Punch Line Devil Breakers close to each other. If you destroy it immediately by pressing L1, you start the control point again and repeat the whole thing.

  • Dante The Gambler
    Use more than 500,000 Red Orbs total with Dr. Faust.
  • Who Needs Weapons Anyway?
    Clear Mission 11 without equipping a weapon set for Dante (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell).

    This task is more complicated than you think, you have to play through the game on different levels of difficulty, unlock abilities and much more. Here we explain everything to you.

  • Unarmed and Dangerous
    Beat Mission 07 without any starting Devil Breakers equipped (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell).
  • Pet Protection
    Clear Mission 05 without V’s demons getting stalemated (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell).
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