One Piece World Seeker: Trophy Guide & Roadmap


From the PS4 match One Piece World Seeker you can unlock a total of 44 decorations. In this Trophy Guide we show you all the decorations and their actions.

Below you will find hints, as well as all the trophies, tactics and ideas. You will find everything! You will get a table with a brief summary. Secondly you find a detailed list of trophies, descriptions, Trophy Guides and more!

More Guides and News about One Piece World Seeker you will find on our overview page.


Trophies List One Piece World Seeker

Estimated time for platinum:
Total Trophies: 44 (1,3,12,28)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


One Piece World Seeker Trophy Guide

  • I’m Going to Be the Pirate King!
    Get all trophies
  • We won!
    Complete All Main Missions
  • Island Hero
    Complete 100 Side Missions
  • I Love Adventure!
    Explore the entire island
  • Go All The Way to the Top!
    Reach Pirate Rank 100
  • I Won’t Lose to Anyone!
    Learn all Skills
  • Takedown Legend
    Defeat 100 enemies with a Takedown
  • Sharpshooter
    Perform 100 critical shots
  • Long Journey
    Travel a total distance of 50,000 across the island
  • Fly Away
    Fly with Gum Gum Rocket for 30 minutes in total
  • I’ll Take You All On!
    Defeat 1,000 Enemies
  • This Could Be Fun
    Acquire 25 equipment & outfit plans
  • Something Smells Good!
    Acquire 20 pirate box lunch recipes
  • Exploration Strategist
    Ask Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 12 times
  • Treasure Hunter
    Open 200 treasure chests
  • I Wanna Go to the Sky Islands
    Reach a Sky Island for the first time
  • Find Chopper!
    Complete Main Mission “Find Chopper!”
  • Suspicious Woman
    Complete Main Mission “Suspicious Woman”
  • Straw Hats United
    Complete Main Mission “Straw Hats United”
  • The Old Island
    Complete Main Mission “The Old Island”
  • To You
    Complete Main Mission “To You”
  • Radio Hijack
    Complete Main Mission “Radio Hijack”
  • Protect All
    Complete Main Mission “Protect All”
  • Sky Prison, Ho!
    Complete Main Mission “Sky Prison, Ho!”
  • First Step
    Complete first Side Mission
  • Island Friend
    Complete 20 Side Missions
  • See You on the High Seas
    Reach Pirate Rank 10
  • You’ve Gotten a Lot Stronger
    Reach Pirate Rank 50
  • Join My Crew!
    Attain 100% Karma for one faction
  • I Want To Get Stronger!
    Learn 10 Skills
  • This is What I’ve Been Training For!
    Learn 40 Skills
  • Takedown Hobbyist
    Defeat 10 enemies with a Takedown
  • Marksman
    Perform 10 critical shots
  • Evasion Expert
    Perform 30 Perfect Dodges
  • Guard Master
    Perform 30 Perfect Guards
  • Woohoo!
    Fly for 5 seconds during a single Gum Gum Rocket flight without landing
  • I’ll Destroy It!
    Break 100 objects
  • Big Rookie
    Defeat 100 Pirates
  • Wanted
    Defeat 200 Sailors
  • I’ll Send You All Flying!
    Defeat 6 enemies simultaneously
  • Material Collector
    Acquire 100 materials in total
  • Quartermaster
    Create 20 equipment items & outfits
  • Exploration Hobbyist
    Ask Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 3 times
  • Treasure!
    Open 15 treasure chests
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