Kingdom Hearts 3: Ultima Weapon Unlocks – That’s how you get the sword


You need to open the best weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3? We’ll disclose how to get the Keyblade Ultima in KH3.

To get the Mighty Sword you need to complete two stages, first you need the formula for the weapon, at that point you need extraordinary materials. The material is called Orichalcum+ and isn’t that simple to get.

On the off chance that you can do everything and manufacture the sword, you will likewise get an accomplishment/trophy for it:

Unlock the Ultima weapon recipe

To unlock the Ultima weapon recipe, you must collect 58 different synthesis materials. These are dropped by enemies, can be found in treasure chests, and if you destroy space rock with your gummi ship.


Also check out the Moogle Shop (in every world) – Workshop – Collectibles – Received 58 different synthesis materials.


Craft the Ultima Sword

Now you have unlocked the recipe, but the hardest part is still in front of you – finding the material to make the Ultima weapon.

Required material:

  • 7 Orichalcum +
  • 2 Wellspring Crystal
  • 2 Lucid Crystal
  • 2 Pulsing Crystal


This is how you find Orichalcum + in KH3

  • Lucky Emblems – Finds 80 of 90 lucky emblems (Here we have all locations)
  • Flantastic Seven – Grab 3 Fruits and you’ll need to play all the minigames
  • This guide is under construction and will be extended shortly.
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