Black Ops 4: Dead of the Night – Trophy Guide


With the most recent Black Ops 4 Update Operation Absolut Zero, numerous new substance has been added to the game. So likewise the new zombie card Dead of the Night.

With the new guide, there is again a lot to find how to turn on the power, open the sneak up suddenly machine and find different things to explain confuses.

There are likewise 10 new trophies/accomplishments. These can be found underneath.

CoD Bo4 Dead of the Night Trophy Guide


    • Trial by Ordeal
      In Dead of the Night, defeat the evil within
    • Alchemical Opus
      In Dead of the Night, create Prima Materia 3 times

      You need the item from the dead wolf, than return to the Greenhouse Laboratory and place in the large machine in the middle of the room. Wait a few seconds for the machine to process the material and then pick up the new Prima Materia item.

    • Mega Bite
      In Dead of the Night, get bitten by a Crimson Nosferatu
    • Board Gamer
      In Dead of the Night, kill a Werewolf in the Library with a revolver
    • On the Clock
      In Dead of the Night, stay within the clock circle until the time runs out


      You must get the challenge over one of the crystals. Everything about the crystals and their locations, can be found here.


  • Master Your Craft
    In Dead of the Night, use every crafting table


  • Quick Thinking
    In Dead of the Night, unlock the Forest by round 7

    To unlock the forest you have to find all the crystals, recharge and complete the challenges. This also unlocks the Pack a Punch machine. Here’s an exact explanation.


  • Shockingly Good Time
    In Dead of the Night, electrocute a Werewolf


  • Shrinking Feeling
    In Dead of the Night, shrink 15 zombies with a single shot from Alistair’s Annihilator

    You get this weapon either through the mystery box, as a random drop, or you solve the puzzle in the library. To solve the puzzle on the machine you have to find all four symbols in the game. More about this soon.


  • p>Well Done
    In Dead of the Night, stake a Nosferatu in the Dining Room



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