Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Inventory Slot Upgrade Locations


In Resident Evil 2 Remake, there are some concealed collectibles and valuable things to discover, some of which you should open the Platinum Trophy (100%).

In this guide we tell you the best way to discover all the shrouded Inventory Slot Upgrades. The Pouches grow your stock, so you can convey more things with you. Furthermore you can open another trophy/accomplishment:

All Pouch Locations – Inventory Slot Upgrades

In total there are 6 Pouch (Inventory Upgrades) hidden in the game.

Pouch #1 1F West Office Inside the safe in the small office. Input the code 9-15-7 to unlock it.
Pouch #2 3F West Storage Room On a table
Pouch #3 Underground Facility, Operator’s Room In the locker, next to the typewriter.
Pouch #4 1F Safety Deposit Room This requires 2 Spare Parts that you found inside the Portable Safes (Here you will find all Safe codes and locations). Place the missing Spare Parts on the broken Keypad and enter number 203 to open the locker with the Inventory Upgrade.
Pouch #5 Sewers Workroom Lift Use the T-Bar to raise the shutter, then ride the lift up. The pouch is located in the room above.
Pouch #6 Laboratory Nap Room Restore power to the Nap Room, and you’ll find the Pouch in the bunk to the back-right.
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