Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: All Underwater Locations – Child of Poseidon Trophy


You don’t discover one of the numerous submerged areas in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? In this guide we give all of you the areas of the submerged areas in the game, altogether there are 42 of these spots.

At every one of these spots a fortune is covered up also, on the off chance that you discover every one of the spots and comprehend the undertakings, you will get the accompanying achievement/trophy:

Offspring of Poseidon

Complete all submerged area targets.


On the off chance that you are searching for a total diagram all things considered and accomplishments or other riddle arrangements, here is our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 100% Walkthrough.

Find all underwater locations and treasure chests

In the following video you can find all underwater places, as well as the respective places where the treasure chest is hidden.

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