Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Sir Hans Capon DLC Trophy Guide


In this guide we give all of you the trophies of the extension “The Amorous Adventures of striking Sir Hans Capon” to smithereens – Deliverance.

With the Hans Capon DLC there are 7 new trophies on the PS4, on the Xbox One and the PC.

Beneath you can discover all the new trophies for the DLC.


Sir Hans Capon DLC Trophies

  • Ledetchko Revenant
    Think up even more ways to haunt the Ledetchko villagers than the charlatan told you.
  • Wingman
    Everything has to go according to Sir Hans’ plan.
  • I Can Quit Anytime
    Dice are most important, the rest will work itself out somehow.
  • True Friend
    Capon will succeed, even though you sent him off with a nasty rash.
  • Lord Capon’s Ghost
    Get back Capon’s necklace without permission from anyone.
  • Christian Burial
    Ensure eternal salvation for the wretched charcoal-burner, Lev.
  • Not-so-Christian Burial
    Grant peaceful rest to the soul of the wretched charcoal-burner, Lev.
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