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In this guide, we’ll disclose how to open the Pack-a-Punch machine in Voyage of Despair in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 zombies. With the Pack-a-Punch machine you can update your weapons, which, in addition to other things, causes more harm. You will require the Sentinel Artifact and you should enact 4 Pack a Punch Pedestals. Point by point headings to the antique can be found here

The Pack-a-Punch machine is required for the accompanying trophy/accomplishment: A Little Pack Here, a Little Punch There

Find the Sentinel Artifact and the four Pedestals

Get the Artifact
First you need to unlock the Sentinel Artifact. The artifact is on the opposite side of the ship from where it starts the game. Just go through the entire ship and when you’re on the other side, find it on the outer deck. If you take the artifact, 4 red balls will fly over the map. The balls show you where the 4 Packa Punch sockets are. You have to find these now and interact with all 4 sockets.

pack a punch bo 4

First Pack-a-Punch Pedestal
The first Pack-a-Punch socket is on the Poop Deck, right where you found the Sentinel Artifact. Look there for the red circled place on the map.


Second Pack-a-Punch Pedestal
The next pedestalis in the Turbine room. You can go there from the Poop Deck. Once you have picked up the artifact, a path opens down from the roof deck. The base is under water in the turbine room.

Third Pack-a-Punch Pedestal
This is in the Grand Staircase, at the bottom of the stairs, bottom floor.

Final Pack-a-Punch Pedestal
The fourth and final podium is in the Cargo Hold. This is again a flooded area and the pedestal is under water.

Now that you have done everything, the Pack-a-Punch machine appears at the last place you visited. It replaces the socket. There you will always find the machine once you have interacted with the last socket. Using the Pack a Punch machine costs 5000 points.

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Voyage of Despair – Pack a Punch Video Guide

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