Red Dead Redemption 2: Homestead Stash Locations


In Red Dead Redemption 2 you should recuperate the reserve from 4 residences for the “Breaking and Entering” trophy or accomplishment. This guide will show you the areas of all homesteadsand their alcoves in RDR2.

Breaking and Entering

Recuperate the reserve from 4 residences.

An outline of all trophy aides can be discovered right here, and we additionally have a total RDR2 Wiki.

Find all the secret stash locations of the homesteads

There are 7 homesteads in total, but you only need 4. The last one in Willards Rest will be available in Chapter 6. The others you can loot as early as Chapter 2 and it is recommended to do them early on, and later some of the inhabitants of the farms will not be there anymore.

Make sure that you really loot everything and not just the stash.


Chez Porter

This farm is located in Ambarino. The stash location is on the upper floor of the barn. In the barn you can climb on the wood and jump from there to the haystack upstairs and pull yourself up. The treasure chest contains 2 x $ 50 and a jewelry bag.


Aberdeen Pig Farm

This farm can be found in Lemoyne. When you arrive at the farm, you see a man on the porch welcoming you. Greet him back, talk to him and then go to his house with him. Then rob the place. Go outside, to the door on the south side of the house. Here you will find the actual stash location, there you will find a small locker with 2 x $ 20. The door will not be open until you go to his house with the man.


Lonnie’s Shack

This homestead can be found in Lemoyne. In Lonnie’s Shack you meet 4 people. You have to kill three of them, but keep one alive! It is recommended to save manually beforehand. If the last one is alive, point your weapon at him and threaten him. Then he will tell you the location of the hiding stash. The location will vary depending on who the last living guy is.



Van Horn Mansion

In the south of the Van Horn Trading Outpost you will find a villa. You have to enter this house at night, because then sleep the residents and you can rob them. Do not wait too long, in the future there will be no more people and thus there will be nothing left to plunder.


Catfish Jacksons

Enter Jackson’s house. There are either a father and his son or just the son. You can take the shotgun from the living room and threaten the son so he can tell the location of the hiding place. It may be in the chimney or outside the house, on the side to the right of the entrance. There is a small hole on the side of the house with a box in it. Interact with the box and plunder it. But everything is plundering inside, especially the premium cigarette packs in the chest of the room and the shotgun from the living room.


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