Spider-Man: Hardy’s Stolen Art Locations – The Long Con Trophy Guide


Some new trophies and achievements have been added to the game with the Spider-Man DLC The Heist. So also the following trophy:

The Long Con
Complete the “Like a Fiddle” mission

You have to finde 10 Hardy’s Stolen Art to unlock this side mission. Once the side mission is unlocked, go to the marker and watch a small cutscene to complete the side mission. Below you can see a video, with all locations and timestamps

An overview of all new trophies and achievements can be found here


All Hardy’s Stolen Art Locations – CTNS: The Heist DLC

(0:34) Freedom 1/10
(0:45) Victory 2/10
(1:00) Three Sheets 3/10
(1:13) The French Revolution 4/10
(1:25) Hope and Loss 5/10
(1:38) Stolen Art Discovered 6/10
(1:52) Hiram’s Remorse 7/10
(2:15) Modern Education 8/10
(2:29) Pasture of Heaven 9/10
(2:42) Blood Shore 10/10
(3:03) Like a Fiddle – Side Mission


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