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In the PS4 game Hollow Knight you can open an aggregate of 35 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we give all of you the trophies and their undertakings.

Underneath you will discover every one of the trophies, just as tips, strategies and tips. You will discover everything identified with the trophies here! First you will locate a table with a short review. Second you locate an itemized rundown everything being equal, portrayals, Trophy Guides and considerably more!

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Trophies List Hollow Knight

Estimated time for platinum:
Total Trophies: 35 (1,5,11,18)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


Hollow Knight Trophy Guide

  • Heart of Hallownest
    Acquire all other trophies
  • The Hollow Knight
    Defeat the Hollow Knight and complete the game
  • Fool
    Complete the Trial of the Fool
  • Nightmare’s End
    Complete the tale of the Grimm Troupe
  • Embrace the Void
    Ascend the Pantheon of Hallownest and take your place at its peak
  • Pure Completion
    Achieve 112% game completion and finish the game
  • Blessed
    Acquire all Charms and receive Salubra’s blessing
  • Masked
    Acquire all Mask Shards
  • Worldsoul
    Acquire all Vessel Fragments
  • Hope
    Open all of Hallownest’s Stag Stations and discover the Stag Nest
  • Metamorphosis
    Rescue all of the imprisoned grubs
  • Cartographer
    Acquire a map of each area
  • Ascension
    Collect 2400 Essence and hear the Seer’s final words
  • True Hunter
    Receive the Hunter’s Mark
  • Conqueror
    Complete the Trial of the Conqueror
  • Soul & Shade
    Complete the Pantheon of the Knight
  • Passing of the Age
    Aid the Herald in moving on
  • Falsehood
    Defeat the False Knight
  • Test of Resolve
    Defeat Hornet in Greenpath
  • Proof of Resolve
    Defeat Hornet in Kingdom’s Edge
  • Watcher
    Destroy Lurien the Watcher
  • Beast
    Destroy Herrah the Beast
  • Teacher
    Destroy Monomon the Teacher
  • Charmed
    Acquire your first Charm
  • Enchanted
    Acquire half of Hallownest’s Charms
  • Protected
    Acquire 4 Mask Shards
  • Soulful
    Acquire 3 Vessel Fragments
  • Connection
    Open half of Hallownest’s Stag Stations
  • Grubfriend
    Rescue half of the imprisoned grubs
  • Attunement
    Collect 600 Essence
  • Awakening
    Collect 1800 Essence and awaken the Dream Nail
  • Keen Hunter
    Record all of Hallownest’s creatures in the Hunter’s Journal
  • Solace
    Bring peace to the Grey Mourner
  • Warrior
    Complete the Trial of the Warrior
  • Grand Performance
    Defeat Troupe Leader Gri
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