Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Chain Gang – Trophy Achievement Guide


In this guide, we’ll disclose where to Perform the Serpent’s Fury multiple times, pursue every one of the means, the accompanying trophy/accomplishment will be opened:

Group of prisoners

Play out the Serpent’s Fury multiple times

This trophy/accomplishment can be missed, it is a fight trophy!

Snake’s Fury is an ability you have to open, in one of your base camps you can do that. It’s one of the green-hued abilities. First you should purchase “Snake Strike” (1 ability point) and afterward “Snake’s Fury” (2 aptitude focuses). To achieve this errand, you should stealth murder two rivals standing next to each other. Press rapidly Triangle, Repeat and Lara bounces from first to second and kills both. It’s alright if different adversaries notice you, just to begin the development, you must be inconspicuous. Rehash this for 3 sets of foes for the trophy.


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Chain Gang Achievement – Video Guide

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