Shadow of the Tomb Raider: All Conquistador Treasure Chests locations


In Shadow of the Tomb Raider there are numerous riddles to fathom and to discover a mange collectibles. In this guide we give all of you the areas of the Conquistador money boxes.

So as to have the option to open these especially all around concealed fortunes you need the capacity/Gadget Lockpick. Without this capacity, you can not open the chests! On the off chance that you don’t have a clue how you get the Lockpick contraption, here you will learn.

What number of there is in the entire isn’t yet known, this arrangement with all regions is still under development.

Beneath you will discover all recently known money boxes. The accompanying trophy/accomplishment opens when you have all found:


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In the video you can see all the treasure chest locations for all areas. Below you can read the timestamps.

Cozumel (1/8) – 00:00
Peruvian Jungle (2/8) – 01:51
Kuwak Yaku (3/8) – 03:05
Kuwak Yaku (4/8) – 04:50
San Juan (5/8) – 05:55
Hidden City (6/8) – 07:03
Hidden City (7/8) – 08:09
Hidden City (8/8) – 09:24

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