Spider Man 2018: Black Cat Stakeout Locations – Black Cat’s Hideout


In this guide we give all of you areas and answers for the Black Cat Stakeouts. In the game there are an aggregate of 12 Black Cat Stakeouts, you need to discover them all to open the accompanying trophy:

Feline Prints

Track down Black Cat

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Track down Black Cat

The first you can not miss, you will find it automatically. The other 11 are marked on your card.

The trickier part is, you have to find the hidden dolls of the Black Cat, which are hidden all over the city. As soon as you reach the photo spot, you have to find the hidden doll.


Once you’ve getting all of them, you can track down Black Cat’s hideout. This is displayed on the map with a quest marker. Once you are in hiding, you will receive two rewards:

  • Dark suit
  • Cat Prints (Silver Trophy)


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