Shenmue: Needle In A Haystack – Charlie location


From the get-go in the game, you can look for Charlie in Dobuita, this is the thing that you requirement for the Shenmue trophy Needle In A Haystack. Charlie is not really known to anybody, the main thing you know is that he wears a calfskin coat, dark shades and a tattoo on his arm.

Needle In A Haystack

Discover Charlie in the tattoo parlor in Dobuita

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How to find Charlie in the Tattoo Parlor in Dobuita in Shenmue

When you complete your search for sailors at the Heartbeats Bar, you will receive information about a man named Charlie, who can help you with the persecution of Lan Di.
Go to the Jacket Shop, opposite to the Military Surplus store near Tom’s Hotdog Stand.


The best place to start is with Tsuruoka-san in the Jacket Shop, standing opposite the Military Store near Tom’s Hotdog. He knows Charlie, but he can not tell you a specific place. Now go and talk to Kinuyo-san at Hokuhoku Lunches, you will learn there from Naigai Industries.

Now go and talk to the characters from Nagai Industries and get some information about Charlie, then wait until 7pm before you go to the GAME You Arcade. You will be involved in a fight with the batsmen from the Heartbeats Bar, once you beat them, they will talk to you about tattoos. Use this new information to interview bikers near the Knocking Motorcycle Store and agree to join their gang. Then go to the Tattoo Studio in Okayama Heights, which tells you that they have closed, but that Charlie could “return” when they reopen tomorrow at 2pm.

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